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Heart and Soul

A poem for JR <3

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by , 15th July 2010 at 07:14 AM (429 Views)
Alone, awake, in a hospital bed.
Scared, in pain, unable to sleep.
Fear not, big brother; I am here.
We’re all here.

So go, sleep, inhabit your dream world.
Let them free you from your tortured consciousness.
Dream of peace, and love, and of family and friends.
Because they’re with you, big brother.
We’re all here.

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  1. zerohona's Avatar
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    Very sad, but it's a very good poem.
  2. yuukifan001's Avatar
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    It sounds to me that your brother had an accident, and a very rough one at that. You want him to get better, and are hoping the best for his recovery, also to be calm and at peace, since you reassure him that the ones he loves will be there to help him get better.

    A sad poem to others, but a very deep and powerful message to some. Hope this helps.


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