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Time Is Passing By

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by , 25th June 2011 at 07:05 PM (98 Views)
Today may or may not be the last day I will blog for the next few weeks, because I have a ton of things coming up in the very near future. First of all, tomorrow I have one more grad party to attend, and it's an all-day affair, so I'll be gone from the early afternoon until God knows when tomorrow night. Then on Monday I have a lot of packing to do because I'm leaving to go to camp on Tuesday afternoon. So I'll be gone from June 28 to July 10. And then chances are I'll be really tired when I come home from camp so I'll probably spend the following week sleeping; that's what happened last year. Of course, that was the first time I ever went to camp, so maybe this year I won't be so tired when I get home. Still, I'm trying to keep the week after camp clear just in case I'm really lethargic and disinterested in getting out of bed.

The camp I'm going to is a fine arts camp. It's a lot of fun, especially for music geeks like me. All campers pick a major (choir <=my pick, orchestra, dance, theater, or visual arts) that will be the focus of their time there, and then they can pick a minor if they want (most of the minors are the same as the majors, just obviously less intensive because there is less time to work on them). The day starts at about 7 a.m., when everyone gets ready to go together to eat breakfast. After breakfast, everyone goes to a class for their major. Then there is a rec hour before lunch (if you're in a special group like the chamber choir or the top orchestra, you have another class in place of that rec hour). Then everyone goes to lunch, and anyone who has a minor goes to that after lunch; anyone who doesn't have a minor gets a rec hour. Next, everyone goes to another class for their major, followed by one final rec hour. Then everyone goes to dinner, and after that all campers have time to rest, but they are required to stay within their units (their group of cabins). Lights out is at 10:00. Then the whole process starts over again. On the final day of camp, all of the choir majors and orchestra majors have their concerts, theater majors have their plays, dance majors have their recitals, and visual art majors have their art show. Once their performance/art show is over, they are free to go home.

I had sooooooo much fun there last year that I started looking forward to going back when I was going home on the last day of camp. Out of 112 choir majors who attended at the time I did, I was one of 32 who were hand-selected to be in the chamber choir. That was definitely the highlight of my time there. And then I had a musical theater minor, which was a lot of fun because I love musicals. Sure, that meant that I only got one of three possible rec hours, so I was pretty tired by the end of the day, but it was worth it. I also made a lot of friends whom I hope to see this time around.

The only bad thing about my going to camp is that I won't get to see my boyfriend for at least three whole weeks! He's going to a concert with his brother tomorrow, and since I have my grad party, we won't get to talk to each other at all. Then on Monday he's going to visit his grandma, and he'll be gone for about a week. Then on July 9 (the day before I come home from camp) he's going on a mission trip with some of our friends from our youth group; it goes until July 16. So the next time we'll get to see each other is July 18, when we both start working at Vacation Bible School at a local church. I'm going to miss him a lot, especially because we've never been apart this long. And he said he's going to miss me like crazy too. But I know I'll be extremely happy to see him when he comes home from mission trip and we'll have lots of things to tell each other about what we did on our respective trips and how they went. So I'm staying positive for the both of us because I know we're both going to have lot of fun and we'll be glad to see each other at the end of the three weeks.

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