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Holy crap, I'm blogging! What is happening?!?


For anyone who cares, yes, this is the first time I've blogged in a while. Regrettably, not much has been happening lately. I started school on August 17, and things are already getting to that boring, same-old same-old stage.

However, there was something that one of my teachers talked about today, and I thought it was rather interesting, so I thought I'd try it out with any of you who want to. It's about learning about your feelings. Here's what you do: You pick and emotion, and then you pick a color that you think best describes that emotion. You do the same for sound, smell, taste, and texture, so basically you're covering all five senses. My class all did that for anger so we could get an idea of how it works, and then we discussed our answers in groups to see how other people responded. Personally I enjoyed the exercise, and I really feel that it can help someone become more in tune with their emotions.

So here are my emotions (I did five of them) and the answers I put down for each one:

Emotion- Anger
Color- Bright red
Sound- Bloodcurdling scream
Smell- Something burnt (especially plastic)
Taste- Bitter
Texture- Sharp, rough

Emotion- Sadness
Color- Puke green
Sound- Shattering glass
Smell- Musty
Taste- Bland, stale
Texture- Hard, gritty

Emotion- Happiness
Color- Hot pink
Sound- Singing, music
Smell- Fresh-baked cookies
Taste- Sweet
Texture- Soft, plushy

Emotion- Confusion
Color- Gray
Sound- A tape rewinding and fast-forwarding over and over
Smell- Sweat
Taste- Sweet and sour
Texture- Sticky, gooey

Emotion- Jealousy
Color- Burnished orange
Sound- Car horn
Smell- Smoke
Taste- Salty
Texture- Bumpy

Emotion- Bravery/Confidence
Color- Cerulean blue
Sound- Cheering
Smell- My favorite perfume
Taste- Spicy
Texture- Smooth

Emotion- Calm
Color- Cream
Sound- My cat purring
Smell- The air after it rains
Taste- Pure water
Texture- My hair when it is really curly

Emotion- Love
Color- Gold
Sound- Spanish guitar
Smell- Roses
Taste- Dark chocolate
Texture- Silk

So if you guys like this exercise, feel free to post your answers. You can pick whichever and however many emotions you want, even ones that no one else picked. Hopefully you'll find it as fun as I did.

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  1. Aori's Avatar
    HAHA, sometimes one gets the urge to blog XD
    Me? I got the urge of completing your this exercise. it sounds like fun ^^

    Emotion- Anger
    Color- Fire red
    Sound- Growling, barking and screaming
    Smell- Like a barbecue (...)
    Taste- It tastes spicy. Like wasabi, maybe.
    Texture- It's like lava.

    Emotion- Sadness
    Color- Dark, gray-ish blue
    Sound- The raindrops hitting your window when it's raining outside
    Smell- The smell of cold wind
    Taste- Salty.
    Texture- It's soft, but when you wrap yourself in it, you feel like staying there forever, which isn't a good thing.

    Emotion- Happiness
    Color- Rainbow. Lilac, baby pink, yellow, sky blue. Happy pastel colors.
    Sound- Laughter and kisses
    Smell- Like when you're baking a cake
    Taste- Sweet. It's warm, like a fudge brownie.
    Texture- Soft like a baby's blanket.

    Emotion- Confusion
    Color- Black
    Sound- Glass shattering. Then, you hear no sound at all...
    Smell- It doesn't smell like anything.
    Taste- Sour
    Texture- It hurts when you touch it.

    Emotion- Bravery/Confidence
    Color- Gold. The purest of golds.
    Sound- A choir singing.
    Smell- Fresh air
    Taste- Bittersweet. It's very yummy (XD...)
    Texture- Rough, but still nice to the touch.


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