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Meloetta23's Top 10 Least Favorite Pokemon

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Last night, I wrote a blog listing my favorite Pokemon. So today, I decided to follow up with a list of my least favorite Pokemon. If any of the Pokemon in the following lists are ones that you happen to like, we can agree to disagree. And as always, leave a comment if you'd like to share your friendly opinions.

10. Klefki

It’s a key ring…that collects keys. Yeah, I don’t know…

9. Slowbro

Slowbro is like the stupid brother that Slowking doesn’t like to talk about. Both Pokemon evolve due to the latching on of a Shellder, but only Slowking seems to benefit from this parasitic relationship. Slowking gains boundless intelligence, earning it the title of the Regal Pokemon. Slowbro gets some smarts too, at least for a limited time, but Shellder severely inhibits its ability to hunt and to fish. And come on, what’s with Slowbro’s Mega Evolution? Clearly, Shellder is the brains of this operation if Slowbro can’t stop it from controlling its whole body. I may not be very creative, but out of all the possible Mega Evolutions, Slowbro’s is one that I never would’ve seen coming in a million years.

8. Unown

Being an historic Pokemon that inspired ancient peoples to build civilizations (and possibly to create the alphabet, depending on which came first), you would think that Unown would be a powerful, extraordinary Pokemon that could even give the almighty Arceus a run for his money. Sure, the concept behind Unown and its history was a fun little sidequest to explore in Pokemon G/S/C and HG/SS (and even FR/LG and D/P/Pt, if you include their less exciting appearance in the Tanoby Chambers and the Solaceon Ruins, respectively). But once you capture Unown, what do you do with it? Well, nothing, really, since it only knows Hidden Power. Alas, Unown is merely a Pokemon that likes to stick itself to the walls of old buildings and make a particular radio station go wonky. If only Nintendo and Game Freak could’ve collaborated with Campbell’s and Kraft to make my alphabet soup and macaroni and cheese even more awesome for a limited time.

7. Garbodor/Muk/Weezing

All three seem to be less like Pokemon and more of an extreme commentary on how overpopulation and industrialization can lead to pollution. Has anyone heard of recycling? I like to think that society is a little better than that.

4. Stunfisk

I definitely agree with MunchingOrange when he says that Stunfisk is a ridiculous Pokemon. I have no clue what Stunfisk is even supposed to be. Even Bulbapedia states, “Stunfisk seems to be based on a flounder or dab combined with an electric ray.” Seems to be. Also, as I mentioned in my previous blog wherein I list my favorite Pokemon, my favorite characteristic of Electric-type Pokemon is their typically high Speed stat. Well, guess what? Stunfisk has the lowest Speed of all Electric-types. It doesn’t even have a decent Ability—in Gen. VI, its ability is Limber, which prevents Paralysis. But due to Stunfisk’s typing, it can’t be Paralyzed anyway. Basically, Stunfisk is just a useless fish thing that makes obnoxious farting noises while flopping around aimlessly.

3. Diggersby

Damn, things just haven’t been going well for Bugs Bunny since Looney Tunes was cancelled. He’s gained a lot of weight over time, and he probably hasn’t bathed in a few months. What’s worse, he’s lost his cushy acting gig with Warner Bros. and has no other choice but to work in construction just to make ends meet. And I don’t even want to know where those ears/hands have been. Let’s just say that Diggersby probably spends a lot of lonely nights by himself now that Lola has broken up with him and moved on to greener pastures (Read: Lopunny and her recently announced Mega Evolution). Next time, Bugs, have your lawyer read your contract thoroughly, okay?

2. Galvantula

This Pokemon looks like something straight out of my nightmares. The only thing that scares me more than spiders is public speaking, but that’s because I can kill a spider. Even so, I scream like a ninny if I see a spider the size of a pinhead. If Pokemon were real and I came across a Galvantula, I’d surely piss myself and faint.

1. Goodra

I’m sorry, but this is not a Dragon-type Pokemon. Believe the PokeDex and the strategy guides if you want, but I can’t possibly see this as a Pokemon that is the same type as Dragonite, Salamence, Rayquaza, and Hydreigon. How the hell did a giant mass of purple boogers gain pseudo-legendary status? I’m fighting a cold as I write this blog, so believe me when I say that, like snot, Goodra is far more disgusting and annoying than terrifying.

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  1. CynthiaLover's Avatar
    Almost all of these I agree with you on. Especially Goodra and how it evolves. How is it even pseudo with such an appearance? I mean, at least the pseudos look like something fierce and powerful, not a slimy plush toy. So I'd have to agree with you on most of these, especially the slime dragon.
  2. Lysson's Avatar
    I'll comment on what you've posted.
    (BTW there's only 8 listed :/ you missed out 5 and 6)

    10) I really love Klefki, when I first saw it I laughed but then adored it. It's brilliant in battle and I even said to my friends I wonder what the creator was thinking either 'this will make great merchandise' or the fact that you go to France on holidays and keyrings are usually bought as souvenirs or that he lost his keys one day and thought maybe a Pokemon stole them.

    9) But he just wants hugs D: and he's a beast in battle!

    8) No comment.

    7) No comment.

    4) I love Stunfisk because it's so freaking hilarious and derpy looking, but I can see why people dislike it as I did for a while :P

    3) No comment.

    2) One of my favourite Pokemon and I'm really not a fan of spiders, I don't find him scary at all as it's so fluffy looking. But I can see why you'd hate it with a phobia of spiders, I somewhat feel the same for Kingler because spider crabs freak me out and Kingler doesn't imrpove!

    1) But big cuddle dragon wants hugs D: I did find it gross at first but now I find it cute, I got a shiny one and named it 'Liquid Gold' because it looks like it's made of gold. (I am so creative :3)

    But I may disagree with some of your list but I do like it. As a few here I've never seen be disliked so it's cool to find out the reasons why'd someone would hate them!
  3. White Yoshi's Avatar
    Interesting and great list. Though I do like Slowbro and Goodra but that is just my opinion.
  4. EspeonUsedDazzlingGleam's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by PinkiePieFox
    (BTW there's only 8 listed :/ you missed out 5 and 6)
    Muk, Garbodor, and Weezing were all tied for the same rank, so I still had ten.
  5. Neosquid's Avatar
    Any least favorite Pokemon list that includes Stunfisk is absolutely an invalid list. It is rather obviously based on a dab, stargazer, and electric ray. And Static is not a useless ability on it.

    Oh, Diggersby is awesome too.


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