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Math Can Go Solve Its Own Problems!!

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by , 7th June 2011 at 12:32 PM (107 Views)
As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, I took my algebra final today. And good God, it was awful! Math is my hardest and least favorite subject, so I knew I was in for something when I went to school this morning. I was somewhat confident in my math abilities going into it, but I quickly noticed that something was wrong when my teacher did a quick review with the class before it was time to start the exam. She had posted an exam review on the Internet which had questions on it that were almost identical to the ones on the test, so I printed it out so I could study. However, I noticed that a student next to me--actually, every student in the room--had a completely different review from the one I had. It turns out that I had printed out a completely different review because that was the only test review I could find online. One girl in the class was like, "Well, you had to look here," and I said, "I looked, but it wasn't there." So I was unprepared for the exam, and I felt like I was about to die.

However, I got through a good amount of the exam with little trouble, and then I remembered some more information as I was going along. I doubt I did awesome on the exam, but I know I didn't fail, so my math grade is still okay!

My next final was a million times easier, which was good because I felt dead inside and out after my algebra final. I was able to cool off during my food science exam. As I also mentioned yesterday, everyone was allowed to use a 3x5 card as a cheet sheet, so I just copied the entired study guide onto the card. Although, if truth be told, I didn't even need it for the majority of the exam, but it still helped quite a bit for a few questions. I know I did well on that final; it was pretty easy. I think I even got one of the highest scores in my class, because after the exam I heard a lot of students declare that they bombed the final, and some begged our teacher to curb our grades. He said he was going to curb it a little, so some people felt more relieved, but I didn't care one way or another because I don't really need the curb.

Tomorrow's finals are going to be interesting: American history and American government. Meh. History is so easy; I get A's on the tests without even studying. But the class was tearfully boring, which made it very difficult to concentrate for more than ten minutes. All we did was notes, homework, and a test pretty much every week. Notes, homework, test. Notes, homework, test. Ooh! Something different? Yes, a boring video. My teacher clearly didn't understand the concept of making learning fun. And there was no incentive to finish your homework early, because as soon as the teacher found out you were done, she'd assign more work. So I just did my homework while everyone was taking notes, and then when everyone was doing the homework I'd free-write (mostly Knight Pokemon University ideas) so it looked like I was still busy.

I'm really curious to know how the American government final will be. My teacher is notorious for easily getting off topic, so about 70% of class discussions focused on anything BUT the government. This, of course, is bad because now I actually have to learn all that stuff now that I should've learned in class. But at least I got a good laugh this semester from all of the conversations that have taken place this semester. But thinking about the class makes me wonder, I know that in the state I live in, American government is a graduation requirement for high school students, but do students in other countries have to take government classes? And what are the classes like, since some countries have republican governments and some are run by dictators? I bet I'll be pondering that all day instead of studying.

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    In Canada you need one Canadian history credit, and one civics credit (civics is probably the government credit in the US)... I'm talking about Highschool, which I'm assuming you are in.


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