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Just a Little Bit Longer

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by , 23rd June 2011 at 04:06 PM (88 Views)
Just one more day left of Catechism to get through!! I'm glad it's almost over, but I have a feeling that tomorrow will be extremely hectic. For one thing, my students have to take a test on everything they've learned...Which is pretty much nothing. They were supposed to learn at least two lessons each day, but they've been so disruptive and out of control that my boyfriend and I have been lucky just to get through one lesson a day. So we're actually about 7 or 8 chapters behind where we should be, which will mean that the students will probably do very poorly on the test and have to take the class again next summer or during this coming up school year. And chances are that, seeing as how the class as a whole has a huge problem with being quiet when they're told to be, they're probably going to try to ask a ton of questions and get my boyfriend and/or me to give them all the answers, which we definitely won't do.

Then after everyone is done with the test, we all have to put the classroom back the way it was before Catechism (Catechism at my church is always done in the school building when classes aren't in session). That part might not be too bad, since mostly it just involves moving desks and chairs and vacumming the floor because the boys don't seem to know how to eat Cheetos without making a big mess. :disgusted: The girls were good about keeping it clean, so I'm not worried about them.

And of course, as I mentioned in my last blog (which can be found here: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/blogs/meloetta23/theyre-onto-something-here-31424/), the students will be expecting my boyfriend to bring his girlfriend to class so he can show everyone that he truly isn't socially inept and that he does get to be with other people even though he is homeschooled. Still, how they are convinced that homeschooled kids never get to leave their homes and have friends and meet other people is beyond me. Anyway, for the past few days, the students have been incessantly interrogating my boyfriend, asking them if his girlfriend will be able to come to class by Friday so they can all meet her. However, my boyfriend keeps his cover by saying that he keeps asking her to come in so he won't lose the bet, but she is very stubborn and she thinks it's a waste of time so she doesn't want to come. It is true that I'm stubborn, and my boyfriend knows that, but of course the kids have no idea that he's been describing me the whole time.

I find it funny that one boy--the same boy who thought I was his girlfriend last week--still wonders if it's me. When the kids asked my boyfriend what she looks like, he said that she has brown hair with highlights, which is half true because I do have brown hair and I want highlights, but I'll be getting them next month. However, the boy I mentioned was still convinced that it was me because he said that I have blonde highlights. I debated with him for a few seconds, telling him that I naturally have blonde undertones in my hair (which I do), but I think he's still a little suspicious. Either way, my boyfriend and I aren't revealing who the girlfriend really is until tomorrow after the test. We haven't decided yet how we're going to reveal that it's me, but we will do something that'll really shock the kids and leave them guessing for a while.

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