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I'll Get Back to Ya

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Have you ever had one of those moments where you see yourself doing something you shouldn't or not doing something that you should? If you have, welcome to my life as of right now.

I've noticed that I've been procrastinating quite a bit these past few weeks. For one thing, I have to sell my books from last school year so I can then buy the books I need this fall, but I keep putting it off for whatever reason. Second, Vacation Bible School starts this Monday, and since I'm leading the children in the songs (and the dances to go with them), I need to learn the songs by then. But I've only gone over one song once, and that was earlier today. Luckily I don't have to learn a lot of songs or I'd be in huge trouble. And I haven't even started reading my summer reading book, even though I go back to school a month from tomorrow. I put that off last year too, and I didn't finish reading the book until almost two weeks into the school year. I was pretty lucky that my summer reading test kept getting pushed back. Maybe my teacher was procrastinating too.

I seriously need to fix my procrasination problem. I've tried many times, but every once in a while I drop right back into the habit of it. And I know that more often than not it's because I lack motivation. I make it very obvious when I want to do something or when I don't want to. If I want to do something, I do it for hours and hours and hours. If I don't want to, I do pretty much everything other than the thing I'm trying to avoid. Which is probably why I'm so good at singing; a lot of times I do something music-related when I should be doing homework or whatever. I'm a highly motivated person, so everything I do has to tickle my fancy in order for me to REALLY want to do it.

I may never be able to completely stop procrastinating, but hopefully I'll figure out some way to resist the temptation more easily. Maybe I'll find some sort of motivation that will get me to do the things that are less desirable. Maybe I'll be more determined to finish everything, from the things I like to the things I don't like. I'll think of something eventually...But not now. Perhaps I'll think of something tomorrow. I'm going to bed soon. When I feel like it.

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