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by , 6th June 2011 at 01:52 PM (123 Views)
Four final exams down, four to go! I'm through with the really easy finals, but the remaining ones will be interesting. So I'm wondering how I'll do...

At my school, we get 90 minutes to take each exam, and I finished the first three with at least half an hour to spare. I even finished my Spanish final with 45 minutes remaining, stunning everyone else in my class. My literature final was really easy too, so that didn't take long at all. Same for choir (yes, choir is a class at my school, and it's my all-time favorite class). I loved that final. My choir teacher even told me the style of the test beforehand: crossword puzzles and fill-in-the-blanks for the music terminology we've been studying all year. Of course, with something like music, you know if you truly understand the vocabulary because you actually apply it to the songs you peform (ie. if you see a >, you should know that that's an accent mark). That exam was very easy for me because I love music and it comes very naturally to me.

My fourth exam, on the other hand...Let's just say I had one loooooong brain fart. Since I go to a Catholic school, I had to take a social justice class this year. Basically we would talk about issues that plague society and discuss what Catholic social teachings the issues violate and how the problems can be potentially fixed. Seems easy, right? Not necessarily. Some of the exam required knowing the information word-for-word as it was presented to us in class. I'm the type of person who can get the basic idea of a concept, but I can't always memorize information perfectly. I still think I did more than well enough to pass the exam, but I'm glad that I never ever ever have to take that class again.

Then tomorrow I have algebra and food science. Math has always been my nemesis subject. I've been doing well all semester though because I have an A- overall, but that doesn't guarantee that I'll do that well on the exam. Just when I think I understand a math concept, I forget it when I take a test and I sit there with a look somewhat like this: Luckily my brother DracoMan is a math whiz so he can help me study. Food science won't be hard; I like cooking and I'm a relatively fast learner when it comes to hands-on things like cooking, not to mention the information is mostly common sense. Besides, my teacher is letting everyone in the class use a 3x5 note card as a cheat sheet, so that means I just have to copy the study guide in reeeeeeally tiny print.

I can't say this enough, I'm sooooooooo looking forward to finals being over! I desperately need a vacation to unwind and hang out with my friends and my BF without having to worry about finishing my homework first. I'm doing well so far, and hopefully my algebra final won't be as bad as I think it will be. If I can get through that exam without looking like near the end of it, that's a good sign that my other tests will be smooth sailing.

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