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Tomorrow's the Big Day

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by , 21st August 2011 at 12:59 AM (348 Views)
Seems everyone else is starting school tomorrow on Monday... My first day of Junior year starts tomorrow too. Honestly, I just want the first day to come and go as quickly as possible. The first day is always this weird mixture of excitement and nervousness. Are you gonna get good teachers? Are you gonna like the classmates? And the whole feeling of adjusting back to doing work again after two months and a half of slacking off and being lazy. Doesn't help they completely messed up on my schedule (I don't even have a science class, for example), so now I have to go through the whole process of signing up an appointment with the guidance counselour, waiting for them to call me up during the next few days, all the while staying in a class you didn't even sign up for. And then when you finally get the schedule change, you've missed those important first days and you're behind from the get-go. Not fun.

The day before is probably worse than the actual first day, if only because you're practically waiting for the day to get over and done with already. There's no way to really enjoy it. :[

It's been a nice summer overall, and I'm really looking forward to the school year, but I just hope this first weeks comes and goes as quickly as possible to get rid of this rollercoaster of emotions I've been feeling these past few weeks.

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  1. The Puppetmaster's Avatar
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    I just started back this past week. You'll be okay, buddy; really. Always remember you're capable of great things.
  2. BxSalamence55's Avatar
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    Damm I've been thinking the same thing, except Im starting college...If anything I'm just ecstatic.
  3. StoneKold's Avatar
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    Wow. It seems I'm going in really late. Starting my sophomore year in September. And well good luck with your first day.
  4. Ferbgor's Avatar
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    Do you live in Florida?


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