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How to Look Good to Moderators

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1) Complain about infractions. It shows you care about them, and caring about them shows that you try to follow the rules, indirectly showing you're moderator material.

2) Troll. It gives us a good laugh, and humor is the best way to make new friends!

3) Flame. It encourages the person to flame back, thereby producing more posts, and raising the amount of activity of the forum!

4) Double post. The truth is, we don't like the edit button. When you edit a post, how will we know it's been edited? What if the information is important?!

5) Reply to spambots. Spambots have feelings too! They deserve to have feedback on the deals they offer. Replying to them shows us you have feelings, which looks great to the staff.

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  1. mini-chan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Metabee
    17) Swear. Like a gosh darn wazzock.

    I can't fucking swear for shit!

    Looks like I'll never look good to mods. :(
  2. Super Seaking's Avatar
    19. Create more than one account. It makes the forum seem more active, and creates more Garden Grotto threads for people to add up posts.
  3. Garren's Avatar
    I still don't see why the VA Ban is still in effect...I mean, does anyone even care about it that much anymore? It's been like four years people! I can't imagine that unbanning it would suddenly cause chaos across the board. Most of the SOVA people (and the SONVA leader) aren't even here anymore I believe.

    20) Have a special attack.
  4. Miar's Avatar
    21.) Ban evading. Goes hand-in-hand with #19.
    If they're not impressed with you, and ban you, you can really "impress" them with your new account.
  5. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    Wow i dont do any of that stuff. Damn, I must look really shitty to the mods, maybe i should follow some of those tips, i wouldnt want a ban now would I
  6. System Error's Avatar

    Well...I must say, when I viewed this blog earlier today, this was not what I saw coming. o_O
  7. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    Not related.
  8. Karamazov's Avatar
    22) Insult the mods. They bully you, and want you to stand up to them so they can see if you're mod material.
  9. Netto Azure's Avatar
    23.) Ask to be a mod. We always need more staff friends.
  10. Force Fire's Avatar
    C-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-combo breaker!

    I didn't break anything did I?
  11. Agent K's Avatar
    24) Post combo-breakers. It's fun breaking combos, and the mods want to see you having fun breaking combos!
  12. ChachachaCHIA!'s Avatar
    25) Ignore rule 19 make 15 ACCOUNTS!!!!
  13. Girly Princess's Avatar
    26) Post Links To Pokemon Episodes Not On A Offical Website
  14. Girly Princess's Avatar
    27) pick on pokemon
    28) SPAM
    29) Talk To A Spambot
  15. UnownGoldHeart's Avatar
    Wow, I shall try these out, mabye I wil finally become a mod! *herp-derp*
  16. TFSpock's Avatar
    30) Use extremely large sigs! Bigger is better! The mods love it when you show awesome banners!
    31) Cheat your trades! C'mon, who cares if you HACK a shiny Charizard to give to someone with an Articuno!
  17. Antlionerd's Avatar
    32) Spoiler as many sigs as you can! Mods just love seeing surprises!
  18. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    33) Stalk people. It shows just how much you want to be friends with them!
  19. Buzz's Avatar
    34) Be fashionably late like Kakuna Matata just was.
  20. yourlilemogirl's Avatar
    35) post in as many threads as possible with one-two words replies! After all not everybody has the time or patience to type a full sentenced reply, let alone read it. Being this considerate will easily insta-mod you.
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