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This Everlasting Zoroark's Nightmare Drama

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  1. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    I am very, very sorry about all that. I really am. The last thing we want is for that site to look bad and have a bad rep. Thats not what the site is about. That is why I feel the need to post this comment.
  2. Buzz's Avatar
    What site?
  3. an illegible mess.'s Avatar
    ugh, oh my god. i'm sosososososo sorry. i know i'm the one that started this all... i was just seriously pissed off and i had nowhere to vent really. i'm not one of those people that can silently vent to myself, i always have to vent to someone else.

    and about that "i do not hate you" blog, it was merely an explanation to those who said they thought they hated me and everything. and it was basically about all sites that i was banned from.

    and neoflare, this is not your fault, this is all mine for being a dramatic little pussy. again, i'm very sorry, zn is actually a really good site. i loved it while it lasted.

    thank you for reading my comment. i hope this clears some things up.


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