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Summer Suckery

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by , 16th August 2010 at 01:08 PM (333 Views)
I really hated this summer as it's been going, and now nearing its end. I didn't really do anything worthwhile, besides joining BMGf of course [herp], and now I've only got 14 days until I'm sucked back into highschool. Damnit!

Usually my family and I go on a weekend vacation or something like that, but my dad's been traveling back and forth to Ohio for the past two months on business, so that didn't happen, of course.

It'd been a tradition since, like '06! Last year we spent 7 days in NC in August, in '08 we went up to Coudersport for a weekend in September, in '07 we were in Watkins Glen (near Ithaca) for three days, and in '06 we went to Texas for 10 days!

One good thing is that I've been at the local swimming pool a lot, so I've lost a bit of weight and brought my BMI down to 87, just above healthy weight. I'd been struggling with my weight for a while, and now the end is in sight! Yays!

Back on the subject of suckery, the WEATHER. Holy shit, it's like so fucking wrong for the months! In June and July it was BLAZING FUCKING HOT LIKE THE SEVENTH SPHERE OF HELL IN AN OVEN ON THE SUN every day, and now in August, it's like cool and breezy and springtimey! That's so off for Pennsylvania! Usually, June and July are humid and hot, and then August is FUCKING UNBAREABLY HOT. Meh, at least it's better than last year, when it rained for weeks on end and threatened my town's infrastructure [little valley town] because it flooded all of downtown.

Also, for you E&B fans, I'm sorry to disappoint you but Chap 8 is delayed indefinitely. Basically, until I can write it. I'm dealing with fall class registration and confirmation [aka bullshit] for the next couple of days, and then I have to move all my shit over to a school laptop because my highschool gives use MacBooks to use. So... a good estimate, although probably a wrong one, would be any time between Wednesday/Thursday and Sunday. I'm not happy about it, either. Trust me. I want to write it, but don't have time. But it will feature Samuel and Eusine's redebut.

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