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As the title implies, I've got quite a few odds and ends to tie up. I'll try to resolve all of them in one post. Okay, let's do this!

Mah store: My shop WILL be open again sometime next week, along with a new feature.

The TBAs: Some of you may have noticed that the TBA banners have disappeared from my sig. That's mainly because I needed space to advertise E&B's triumphant return (after its like, fourth hiatus), but it's also because I have two conflicting ideas on what fic I should write next. One is a story of teenage romance, and the other is a disasterous story of disaster! One of them is sorta winning the battle in my head, but it's still up in the air.

E&B: So yeah, E&B. Both my fame and my undoing in one fic! Nah, not really. But anyways, it may appear that I'm going into another hiatus. I'm NOT. Now with school, updates will only come on weekends, starting this coming weekend. And this weekend's update will be a prequel to the main story! But I propose a vote to you, my fans. Would you prefer it to be written in first (and sometimes second, depending on context) person, from Morty's perspective, or in third person like the story's been going?

More Pokéworld ramblings: In Aruscia, which is my diversion of the Pokéworld, the age of adulthood is 17. This is when they can vote and be legally independent of their parents or guardians. Below that, at 16, is the drinking age and driver's licensy age. For drinking, however, most people blur the line. For example, if you're 15 and your birthday is in a month, a bartender'll give you a beer but not hard stuff. Most people keep their drinking under control, so it usually isn't a concern. Below that, at 10, is the age where canonically you can get a Pokémon license and join the League.

The reason why the drinking age and adult age is lower than most countries (besides you crazy Europeans and New Zealanders :b) is that people seem to mature MUCH faster on Aruscia, even canonically, than in real life. At ten years old, you basically get a license to hunt and cockfight animals, and journey across a continent. Thereabouts, at 16 I think people are responsible enough to take a draught, eh?

If I missed anything, which I hope I didn't please bring it to my attention!

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