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  1. Wow! Summer!

    Summer time! I can't believe it. Ms.Boniello, one of my teachers, was doing a happy dance!

    From august 3rd to 18th, I shall be chilling in Portugal. Hell yeah! :D

    My best friend moved away. Darn! But we're still keeping in touch.

    On the 16th, a day before my birthday(July), I'm getting blond highlights. Yip-dee-freaking-doo! :D

    I have these weird, natural, underhighlights on my bangs. They're really pretty, actually. They're like a golden ...
  2. My oh so amazing life ;)

    Still took me a while to find that blog post button! Damn you Bulbagarden!

    So on Monday 90% of my grade is going to a local park and having a nice big Water gun fight! Yay! Sounds totally fun, riiight?

    Heh, and I was signing a bunch of peoples notebooks and all my friends started writing stuff on my Italian book! It's just random stuff like "<3's" and "I'll miss you Sammy!" and a bunch of random notes. It was lot's of fun.

    I'm ...
  3. I'm back!

    Hey everybody! I'm not dead!

    I'm finally back on Bulbagarden after a 3 or so month absence. It feels good to be back here, it's just weird because the last time I'd been here was before the update, and the formatting has changed way too much! :|

    In fact, it took me a good 10 minutes to find the button to make a blog post... I must be really stupid.

    Life's been okay, just pretty stupid. School's almost over, and I have this plan that when the bell rings ...
  4. Damn this is so Contagious

    The title is a reference to Avril Lavignes song "Contagious". That's song currently represents me perfectly, cuz my damn crush is driving me F*CKING CRAZY!

    So crazy I actually swore. That's sad.

    We have a long and stupid history dating back to grade one. Anyway, I told him a month ago or something. That I liked him. "I KNEW IT!" Was what he said. We sometimes talk on MSN and I've tried to convince myself to hate him. Sadly, it has not been working ...
  5. How's it going, guys? Been a while.

    I haven't written a blog in quite some time. And as some of you may know, most of the blogs I used to write were very nooby and weird. I'm not proud of my history.

    This is the first part of Kayumi's new and improved blog. Its better, faster, and also works as a solution to Pimples.

    So firstly, I'd like to say, My life is pretty okay right now. My best friends life is going fantabulous. Her crush went to Ecuador for a month and a day, and asked her out on MSN. They are ...
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