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~Developed Pokemon Mechanics!~

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by , 21st September 2011 at 01:09 PM (364 Views)
(Message originally posted by League on 21st September 2011 at 02:09 PM. This is effectively post #001. Message moved for purposes of League.)

(Because the current ones aren't in-depth enough...)

Hey there. Just so my blog could have some substance before I fully "bring it," I wanted to bring "it junior." So below, in "inartful form," is my idea of everything that could be considered a stat or mechanic in real life, that isn't currently one in a pokemon game but could ultimately be made one. I must note that few games have any mechanics as deep as these--if any at all. Feel especially free to add anything to the list, or to ask what various terms mean. (As well, feel free to offer "wording," becaue, well, I have a limited vocabulary.) At the bottom of the post I've put everything in "artful form," i.e., the basics concepts of all my mechanical tinkering.

None of this will probably be fully drawn out for a long time, and I may be crazy if I try to determine stats/mechanics for all the 649 pokemon, all the 559 moves, all the various environments and potential battle conditions and all their effects, etc.

Well, anyway,

Rough Form: Conceptual Mechanics

Pokemon Types/Type numbers
(Ex.: Grass/Plant--Standard, Grass/Plant--Carnivorous[IV] (Carnivine?), Grass/Plant--Evergreen[5] (Abomasnow), Grass/Plant--Tropical[III] Tropius)
Mobility type? Levitate, Hover, Stand, Immobile--Root, etc.?

Body Type--Plant?, Organic, Low-Trace Organic (?-Ghost?), Inorganic,
Phase Type(phase Type?)--Solid, Muk?, Ghostly?

~Minimum Level/Maximum Level
~(1/2/3) Power Level/Training Level/Experience Level-->Attack Level? (move Level Up/Evolution?)
~(4) Special Level(s) (ex.--Lucario, "Aura Level")
^Modifiers/Multipliers to these to determine the level of a pokemon as sorted by species? (Ex.--Lucario's overall =1.2 power, 1.3Training)
~Power (/Training/Experience) Level
~Current level
^ Nature Modifiers? ^
Modified Level Gain Rate (multiple levels can be acquired at once sometimes, for baby pokemon of stronger basic types for example)

Modifiers--Reception, MovePowers
Modifiers--Reception, AttackPowers
Modifiers--Reception, Type
Modifiers--DamageReception (Damage done to HP by types, location, etc. [minimums, maximums, multipliers])
Modifiers--Counter, MovePowers (Subtractions, Multiplications,)
Modifiers--Counter, AttackPowers (Subtractions, Multiplications)
Modifers--Foward, MovePowers
Modifiers--Foward, Type
Modifiers--Foward, Type?Specialties?/AttackPowerBonus/MovePowerBonus?
Minimum MovePowers?
Maximum MovePowers?
Level Modifiers (Some moves are stronger with lower, some with higher levels?)
Nature Modifiers (Some natures favor the usage of some moves?)

Hit Points, (Area Points?) Attack Power, Attack Ability, Attack Reception (an Attack stat), Defense Power, Special Attack Power, Special Attack Ability, Special Attack Reception (a Special Defense stat), Special Defense Ability, Speed, Agility, Mobility, Moblity Range, Endurance? Stamina (relation to move choice/ PP?), Evasion, Mind Power, Production Stats (give Macamp a high environmental Rock production stat?)
Stat Modifications/Specialties? (Special, Psychi Power, etc.)
Wound-/Damage-bearing abilities?


Attack Cost
Minimum Power/Maximum Power
Experience/Training Level (per a move)
Suitability level?
Elemental Experience/Training Level (per an element)?
Point/Linear or Beam/Blast/Area/Barrage [Barrage Batch--Single, Few Projectiles, Many Projectiles, Small Projectiles, Large Projectiles, "Special Projectiles, etc.]
^ Attack velocity ^
Launched/Smart (Swift/Aura Sphere?)
Environmental Production?
Elemental Production?
Psychic Production?
Magical Production?
Reactionary Production/Combination Production

Supremely Inartful--unsorted stats:
Cohesion, obedience, loyalty
Processing Time?
Environment Effect (Earthquake weakens ground, etc.?)

Artful Form (Consideration Types):

Trainer (Strategy 0/1, Selection 0/1, Strategy 2/3,)
Environment 0
Consideration 0+
Analysis 0?
Commands I, if any?
Pokemon I (Experience, Training, Power[s], )
Action I
Pokemon II (Experience, Training, Power, Reaction, "Absorption")
Reaction I
Analysis I, if any?
Analysis II, if any?
Strategy IV+?
Commands II, if any?
Actions II+
Reactions II+
Analysis III+
Actions' Effects (What happens to pokemon, environment, etc., after actions are taken)

Consideration II--all throughout?

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