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death shark

yanma troubles.

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so i was searching for a yanma in SS for my HG team. ditto, nidoran-m, nidoran-f, nidoran-f - all of these i ran away from. i then came across a nidoran-f. i sighed and poised my finger above the "run" button, but then i noticed something...

it was pink.

well, slap my ass and call me betsy, i've found a shiny.

i quickly switched out from Lil B "The Based God", my delibird, to exeggutor, my designated sleeper. do i have any poke balls? things like this happen sometimes and i often don't have any balls to catch the shinies i find (ziggy x3, wurmple, staryu). ten ultra balls. okay. this will be fine, then. everything will be fine. sleep powder misses once. twice. a bit of frustration sinks in. third time. it finally hits. i attribute this to having the based god in my party (#tybg). i throw an ultra ball. one shake. two shakes. three shakes. caught it. cool.

well, i guess it's going to supplant yanmega for the sixth slot on my team. i needed a designated surfer anyways. cool. maybe i'll upload a picture later, if anyone's interested.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    Congrats on the shiny. :3
  2. Missingno. Master's Avatar


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