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death shark

  1. third year here


    i'm just going to keep this short because i don't really have that much to say


    i'm listening to cunninglynguists' album a piece of strange right now. it's a pretty good album. check it out if you like rap and have the time. my lip is quivering. i'm really tired right now, and i went to sleep somewhere around 7 am. i'm pretty sad right now for some reason. that's it, that's the entry.

    have a nice day, i guess.
  2. reflection

    forgive me for writing so much recently, i'm trying to develop a writing style i'm happy with.

    so my friends were talking at a small gathering they held wednesday

    it wasn't really a scene where i feel like i belonged, but i went anyway to support my friend, whom, despite having known for six years, i don't know much about. she wanted me there for some reason, i guess. people started talking and they were playing a game, and the subject shifted toward rappers. the general ...
  3. earnest questions

    why is sludge wave actually a thing?
    whose idea was it to put sludge wave into the game?
    do you think sludge bomb feels inadequate?
    even though they're pretty much the same thing
    sludge wave is a little stronger;
    sludge bomb poisons things more

    i can't tell whether sludge bomb or sludge wave is better
    i like bomb more because the 30% poison is really nice

    i never use either though


    what do you ...
  4. rant

    sort of bummed tbh, feel very "deflated"

    i'll give a bit of background, don't read if you don't want, i'm fairly confident no one here's interested in hearing from me anyway

    i met this girl at a party. she introduced herself to me and i guess i was kind of boorish to her since she introduced herself and i said, 'oh, cool. uhh, hi, i'm jerome.' she was cute, i guess, but we didn't talk much the entire afternoon and a few days later i sent her a friend request ...

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  5. how many people wanna ask ya boy scheisskopf some questions

    okay i'm feeling very sad and lonely and tired so i'll answer any you have for me
    BUT (here's the catch): i'll only answer in the morning~~ mostly because i'm tired

    i'm aware of the fact that i'm by no means a very prominent presence in the bulbagarden community, but i'd personally be open to any questions you have; although this may carry the shameful stench of narcissism, i promise that i only have the best intentions. ask away, but only if you want.
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