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death shark

  1. i hit 400 posts

    at this rate i might hit my 1k before i turn 40!!
  2. joke team

    i'm at 13something on po with this. it's not really all that impressive though considering that i've been at ~1500 before. without further ado, here's my team. it was mostly built as a joke, but any criticism you may have is greatly appreciated.


    Updated 15th August 2013 at 12:36 AM by metempsychosis

  3. hi

    who here likes sad boy music


    yung lean is like fifteen i think
    truly sad. unknown death 2002.

    on another note, this is quite possibly the strangest music video i've ever seen.

    Updated 31st July 2013 at 07:41 PM by metempsychosis

  4. How many people here actually prefer the PMD games to the main series ones?

    Don't get me wrong, I love B2W2 as much as everyone else, but I just have a lot more fun playing through PMD Sky than anything else, even though it can be an utterly infuriating game. Aegis Cave is terrible, but other than that, I'd much rather spend my time playing PMD Sky than DPP, BW, etc. and I'm just curious to see how many other people enjoy PMD more than the main series games.


    (I didn't say "Am I the only one..." because you're never the only one.) ...
  5. ruminating over a lot of inconsequential things

    first of all hi i'm jerome everyone i know and/or like is gone or won't respond to me let's be friends

    so right now i'm kind of having an existential crisis right now because i'm questioning my desire to be "good"

    i strive to be honest, fair, empathetic, etc. toward others. i want to lend people a hand when they are at the point where they can't quite support themselves, i want to give them advice when they are confronted with their own difficulties, and i ...
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