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death shark

  1. oras spoilers under the cut

    ay how you put the spoiler tags on things i forgot i ain't been on here in the longest


    Updated 13th July 2014 at 03:23 AM by metempsychosis

  2. life updates

    i bought tortilla chips again today
    i cried a lot

    also i read some of tarkovsky's interviews, slept for a while, and ate a chesseburger.
    i am happy with my life?
  3. fc

    2552 1993 5221

    don't call that i don't know where it leads
    but it's my nintendo ds friend code; if you want, just friend me and i'll add u back ya feel

    i don't care about your safari really and i don't know what mine is
  4. lol


    Updated 23rd December 2013 at 05:21 PM by metempsychosis

  5. interactions!

    today i was talking to someone on pokemon online

    he called me stupid because i was using a team with four legendaries. and he said that i was spouting stupidity; that i should make a team without any legendaries and see how i fare; that he hopes someone feeds me the bullshit that i'm spouting (lyrical, for someone who's below 900 points on the ladder, when you start with 1000). anaphora aside, i took the bait and told him that i hit top 60 on PO with a team without any legendaries ...
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