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Best Wishes Character Analysis 1: Iris

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So i decided to do a series of a sort analyzing the characters of the new Best Wishes anime so far. And....2day i decided to pick Iris cuz i just want her off my milkshakes.

This was my first impression of her. But needless, to say, she's not quite as bad as I thought personality-wise. Despite all the Iris fans saying she's totally hyper, I think a better description would be random. But even so, she is more calm than any other girl in the anime as of now, maybe even more so than May. I speculate she may even already be gym leader, as she appears to have a lot more knowledge of Pokémon than Misty, May, or Dawn ever did. She appears to be a sort of childish know-it-all that dislikes Ash only because he is a noob and has a rare Pokémon (in the Isshu region). Despite desperate Negaishippers, their relationship could only probably go as far as that Iris secretly respects Ash despite her chides of his inexperience (that really one wouldn’t think he have any trouble with “inexperience”…anyways, later on that issue). One thing I do like about Iris is that she doesn’t appear to be like Misty or Dawn and most closely resembles May in personality because it doesn’t look like she will be a ten-year old that likes/or is liked by every stinkin’ male she meets. As for her future Pokémon party, I believe because she uses the dragon type her party may be more balanced than other protangonist’s Pokémon parties.

All in all, despite that I still dislike this character, I believe she may be a turning point to other female protagonists in the Pokémon anime. Best wishes…

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  1. Kars's Avatar
  2. Sombra29's Avatar
    Interesting point of view,thanks for sharing it.Is the first time I have heard someone say Iris is more similar to May in the way people perceive her,she is most often compared to Misty in terms of dynamics with other characters.
  3. The Fighting Misty's Avatar
    So far Iris is a fine character. Can't say I have any strong feelings one way or the other though.
  4. Mako's Avatar
    i just want her off my milkshakes.
    What does this even mean?
  5. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    Don't forget that she ruined my dream of seeing one of my favorite female trainers in the next SSB title by becoming popular in the anime.


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