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Princess of Lumas

Best Wishes to Best Wishes?

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Hi Y'all (ya like anyone's gonna read this post . I was currently mulling over my thoughts of how Best Wishes is so far. And my conclusion: New characters. Far away region. New Pokemon (save Pikachu). Desperate attempt for a run of money to attract kids.

As of it, I actually like it, overall. I think the way the made Ash look is improved. He looks older. Team Rocket's new design is refreshing. Dento looks way cool and gay awesome. And Shooti seems like an interesting rival. It seems they are trying to vamp up the storyline, as they said it would be "fast-paced". Perhaps the only element I dislike is Iris. At first, I was irritated since she appeared like most OCs in fanfiction: Stupid. Godmode. Female. Crazy.
But then I watched the game trailer when she apparently is in the games, I now have a smidgen of hope. Her anime trailer seemed should I put it? Very directed toward...the younger kind. She looks and (appears to) act immature, as far as I've seen. Her Pokemon-putting-in-her-hair thing makes me wonder if algae and fungus lives in her hair, too. And her skin looks like she went to a tanning booth when she was 3.

The idea that bothers me most however, is that although this new anime seems exciting and such, that Pokemon is trying to direct its audience to ALL young people-teens, and little kids. The problem with this is that, while it's a good idea, conflict soon would arise. If one thing is acceptable for a teen to handle, such as love, a little child may not understand and think it's "mushy" (of course, being a shipper, that's important to me). That's why in DP, there was hardly any solid shippings as we can see in the Advanced Generation and the Original. Why? Because Pokemon was trying to get BOTH audiences, whereas at the time, most of the people who played Pokemon were at least 10. Not only that, the anime used to have a more gripping storyline and the battles were more interesting and yes, violent. That is my concern for Best Wishes. Pokemon is trying to appeal to both audiences even more, and as a result...more boring battles, same plotlines, and the whole Team Rocket idea is really getting old.

Basically all the characters are getting better and the storylines stupider.

But all in all, I give my best wishes to Best Wishes, and you can count that I will be watching on September 23 this new generation of anime in Pokemon.

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  1. Aetheria's Avatar
    Good commentary.It's true-I would love more hints and more love and stuff.^^ Great expressing of opinion~!!!!
  2. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    I wonder how you think of Best Wishes now with the cancelled TR vs. TP episodes, Trip's wasted potential as a decent rival, and Ash's idiotic decisions that contradict what he's learned in his past journeys.


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