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  1. "The Mysterious Mare Do Well" was not a bad episode.

  2. For those aware of the Linkara Adgate controversy

    This Deviation pretty much sums up a lot of the "get a real job" potshots: http://neuronplectrum.deviantart.com/art/How-Dare-You-Succeed-396797378

    Note: For those not in the know about this, it's best you not comment...
  3. An update on my opinions on Dawn's GF loss

    As many of you know, I started a thread called "I think Dawn should've won the Sinnoh Grand Festival" rebutting the decision by the Anime writers to have Dawn lose the Grand Festival after all that she went through. Some agreed with me while many disagreed with me.

    After thinking for sometime, taking all your opinions into consideration and rewatching DP177 in English, I have changed my opinion on Dawn's GF loss.

    So what do I now think of Dawn's loss? Well, ...