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Okay, for over a month, my anxiety has come back and it has been worse than ever. I write my grandma a letter, explaining what all I've been dealing with. She reads the letter and makes me a doctor's appointment on Thursday. When I come into the living room. Here's how this conversation went:

Grandma: You wouldn't have this anxiety if you weren't in church.
Me: Grandma, my anxiety is worse when I'm in church.
Grandma: It shows you're not 'ready to go' when the time comes.

In my mind, I'm just like'Is she serious?" because I know I'm a Christian. I feel that you don't have to be in Church every single service either. I have a spiritual, personal relationship with God. It's a 1-on-1 relationship and she doesn't need to judge me.

She also says that it's basically my fault that I don't have a good paying job and that I can't leave my current location. if I had the money, I would leave in a heartbeat...

just ugh... ;;

Note: I don't want this turning into a religion debate or anything. This is just a venting blog.

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  1. Winter Rain's Avatar
    Typo: Grandma's line is "You wouldn't have this anxiety if you WERE in church" Not weren't. xD
  2. The Bored Sword's Avatar
    You want to know something? Anxiety is usually caused by focusing too much on the past or future, just focus on the moment good or bad when your in the moment you won't feel anxious. Watch this: Want to be happier? Stay in the moment hope this helps :)


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