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Pokemon Black Walkthrough: BMGf edition Part 7! Evolutions and Skyla!

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by , 25th November 2011 at 09:01 PM (454 Views)
Well, I finally got my gym badge from Clay, and I headed out of the gym. I healed my team, and did some other things before I headed towards Chargestone Cave. Once I arrived, I realized that I had beaten Clay here.

“Where in the good Arceus’ name is he?” I spoke out loud when I saw him arrive. He sent out his Krokrok and destroyed the Galvantula nest. He grinned and tossed me a TM.

“Here’s the TM, like I promised!” He replied with a hearty laugh. Returning Krokrok, he bid his goodbyes and headed back to Driftveil City. I shrugged before making my way into the cave. At first, everything seemed calm and quiet. Then, suddenly, three ninjas appeared infront of me. They grabbed me and rushed me over to where N was standing. Once again, N was going to run his mouth like a gossip girl. I just did my best to tune him out and nod whenever he asked a question. When he realized I was doing this, he seemed to be quite annoyed, and left. The Ninjas disappeared as well, so that was a relief.

“Now, time to get through this cave,” I spoke to myself with eagerness. I began traveling into the depths of the cave when I ran into Bianca and Professor Juniper. They were here researching the timeline of Klink. Professor Juniper gave me something very awesome. A Lucky Egg! I felt like I had won the lottery! Now, I knew I could get some strong Pokemon, and quick! I thanked the two and went on my way. As I did so, I caught a Klink that I rightfully named Mijzelffan, a Joltik that was named Feliciano, a Ferroseed named Oblivion, and a Tynamo that I named Sky. Anyways, I ended up seeing even more of Professor Juniper, Bianca, and the three Ninjas. Of course, Team Plasma is in the cave, so it’s up to be to be the big hero and battle my way out. Of course, this means I get to battle N and his Pokemon. I wonder what he has this time. Probably a Joltik, Ferroseed, Klink, and Boldore. Don’t hold me to it, that’s just a guess.

Well, I faced N…and guess what? I was indeed right. What are the odds? I mean, FO REAL! Anyways, I leave the cave and go straight to the Pokemon Center, in Mistralton City. When I arrived there, another package was waiting on me. It was from Kai. Another letter was attached.

Dear Ariel,

I heard about you winning your fifth gym badge! Congrats! I have two Pokemon that I think will be of assistance for your upcoming gym battles and so forth. Hallow the Petilil and Scampy the Shelmet. When they become stronger, I have a feeling they’ll be very useful to you. So, I wish you the very best! Keep it up! You’ll be ready for the league in no time at all! =)

P.S- I still want an Axew named after me! I won’t forget it either! So you better do it. =P

Your friend,


I grinned as I picked up the two new Pokéballs, and released the Pokemon inside. Just like he said, there was a Shelmet and a Petilil. Something happened when Sovereign and Scampy were together. They began evolving! Scampy became Accelegor and Sovereign evolved into Escavalier! I was ecstatic at the new Pokemon I had. I spent some time with them before I decided to head north to do some training. With my Pokemon in hand, I exited the Pokemon Center. I then saw some woman and an older gentleman. The woman was known as Skyla, and the man was apparently Professor Juniper’s father! Her father spoke for a few moments before he departed. Skyla then explained that she had to go to the Celestial Tower as she heard an injured Pokemon was at the top. I attempted to follow her there, but not before catching an Emolga that I named Danish. After that, it was back to our mission: Get to the top of Celestial Tower.

*A while later*

I panted as I finally reached the summit of the tower. My Pokemon were really tired, and I was just wanting to get back down. On the way up, I captured a Litwick and a Elgyem. Their names were Ebail and Zenax, respectively. Skyla walked up to me. She had healed the injured Pokemon and it flew away. Then, with a serious face, she looked at the bell before looking back at me.

“Ring the bell,” she ordered. I gulped and walked over to the bell before ringing it. I rang the bell and a soothing melody filled the air. Skyla smiled as she nodded. “You have a strong and kind spirit. I should introduce myself now. I’m Skyla, the Mistralton Gym leader. Come back to my gym and challenge me to a battle.” with that, she made her depart. I sighed and made the awful tread back to Mistralton City.

Once I got back to Mistralton, I reconfigured my team before heading north onto Route 7. I needed to get my training out of the way, and get my team stronger if I was to beat someone like her. While I trained, Kiran, Hurristat, Ghaskan, Ghost, and IceK all evolved! Kiran evolved into Archeops, Ghaskan became Emboar, Hurristat as a Samurott, Ghost into Duosion, and finally, IceK had evolved into a Vanillish. I also trained Danish the Emolga, Sky the Tynamo, Piggy the Gigalith, and Taiki the Servine. I knew that electric, ice, and rock types would dominate Skyla’s Pokemon. So, with that being said, I took my newly trained Pokemon to the Mistralton Gym! I entered the gym and looked around. It was made in such a fashion that in order to even reach Skyla, you needed to be catapulted by cannons! I had a slight fear of heights, but I needed to overcome it. How else was I suppose to get my badge? Compliment her and take her to dinner? Dear Arceus no! Besides, I’ll leave that to the fan boys out there. Feliciano crawled up my arm, and onto the top of my head. She seemed eager for this battle.

“Jol!” She cheered. A sense of nervousness seemed to disappear when I heard that little Joltik. It made me realize that my Pokemon had my back and that they would do the best they could in order to help me win. I patted her and grinned.

“You’re right, Feli,” I spoke, “This is our time. We can’t let this gym intimidate us. We need to do our best!” So, with a new found confidence that was given to me by a Joltik, I crossed my fingers and moved forward into the gym. I had no idea what I was going to face, but I didn’t let it stop me. It’s just another obstacle that I was going to overcome in my journey. Skyla, prepare to meet your match.


@Feliciano- level 28
Danish- level 30 (@Insanish Danish)
@Taiki- level 29
Sky- level 36 (@Autumn Sky)
Ice K- level 35 @Agent K
Piggy- level 33 (@CommanderPigg)

PC Pokemon

Kiran- level 37 (@The Booty Warrior)
@hurristat- level 36
@Sovereign- level 22
Sampy- level 30 (@garrison-san)
@Ebail- level 26
@Zenax- level 29
Hallow- level 14 (@Hallowheart)
Panda- level 28 (@Bulba_Panda)
@Raizhu- level 20
@Mijzelffan- level 26
@Ghost- level 32
@Oblivion- level 24
@Paperhorse- level 24
@Mintaka- level 29
@Kodizzle- level 23
Scott- level 24
@Yuuki- level 22
Erin- level 29 (@Professor Erin)
@Hypersonic- level 23
@Aestivate- level 28
@Musashi- level 27
Figment- level 33
GEB- level 26 (@GengarEatBanana)
Violet- level 17 (@Shrinking Violet)
@Lumi- level 13
Alaska- level 21
Candy- level 25
@Rayne- level 20
Caps- level 20
@ghaskan- level 36
Emily- level 18
HiPS- level 19
@TFSpock- level 12
Arc- level 15
SC- level 30 (@Shiny Celebi)
Subsea- level 15
@SaoTim- level 15
KM- level 16
@Enzap- level 20
@Kazooie- level 15
TKnitt- level 21
@Pyradox- level 22
@Kyumorph- level 16
Parma- level 17 (@Parmalee)
@Meron- level 20
@Meryn- level 22

Next Blog post will hold the Gym Battle video!

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    Yay, I've been introduced! :3
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    Use me in the next gym! :D

    Fighting is good against Ice... yeh!
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    Sweet, I make my appearance, and get to sleep in the box, needing to do no work. If there's a better existence as a Pokemon I don't wanna know about it. :D
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    Pwease use me. ;_; Chibi.
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    I'm fine in my box. It's comfy and I have plenty of friends in there. :P
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    I'm an Escavalier. Ish happeh. :D
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    I'm so unloved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hide in Plain Sight
    I'm so unloved.
    Oh hush, you, I'm training you at this very moment. XD
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    Didn't know this existed until I was brought up, but now that I've looked over it, I'm glad I found it when I did.

    ...I'm a Ferroseed? Huh. Didn't see that one coming. I thought myself as more of a Durant. Or a Simisage. But I suppose Ferroseed works, too. I find him to be underrated. Make sure I get a few moments in the limelight, eh?
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    I'm a double-cone of icecream, your argument is invalid.
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    Now I evolved I get dumped? :( Just kidding, I'm happy that you finally reached ghaskan's final stage :D. I'll wait for the Ice gym to pwn some ice cream.
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    You caught Mijzelffan the Klink!

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