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Pokemon Black: BMGf Edition! Part 9

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After a heated battle between Brycen and I, the seventh gym badge was mine! Victory! After getting the badge and the TM for Frost Breath, I slipped and slid my way back to the entrance of the gym. Thankfully, I walked out with no broken bones, but I did bruise my ego a bit. Haha. Anyways, I walk out of the gym and see my two friends, Bianca and Cheren….AGAIN. Cheren begins being all emo and shit. I just groan when I hear Cheren’s most epic fail line…ever!

“Is it me who is stronger or is it my Pokemon?” Cheren ponders to himself. Arceus will strike me down later, but I burst out laughing. Cheren and Bianca just look at me like I’ve came from the asylum. After a few moments of laughter, I wiped the tears that were in the corner of my eyelids.

“I’m sorry…but we all know your Pokemon could kick your ass any day,” I spoke honestly, “Unless you take steroids or evolve into a Charizard, the Pokemon win this round.” Then, Bianca says something about cheering up but thank Arceus that Brycen appeared! He glared angrily at Bianca and Cheren…or so I thought.

“Who are you?! Show yourselves!” Brycen shouted into the frigid, winter air. Once again, my two friends gave the ‘are you from the nut house’ look. However, the Shadow Triad suddenly made themselves known. The Triad spoke a few moments before giving me an important message.

“Come to the Dragonspiral Tower,” one of the Triad members spoke, “There, our lord N waits for you. Now, our mission is complete…” just as soon as the Shadow Triad appeared, they vanished into thin air.

“Stupid ninjas…” I grumbled under my breath as I saw Brycen growling in anger. His fists clenched tightly. He made it clear that he was going to Dragonspiral tower, and nothing would stop him. Cheren chimed in that he was going also. With that being said, the two trainers bolted, and went north. Bianca also said she was going north too, but she just stood there like a knot on a log. I groaned and headed for the Pokemon Center. I needed to reconfigure my team and heal up my current party. Moments later, I exited the safe haven, and traded all the way to Dragonspiral Tower.

As I was about to go to the tower, Professor Juniper’s father stopped me and began talking. Then, Bianca followed behind me. She decided to become Cedric’s bodyguard…even though he’s a grown man and can take care of himself. I shake my head and dash into the clearing, where I see the enormous building. It looked ages old, but the giant hole with the bridge going inside…that was definitely new. I ignored the Team Plasma grunt, fapping at the sight of the tower, and headed inside the fortress. Once I got inside, I headed up the lengthy staircase. Once I got to the second floor, I saw Cheren getting ready to head to the third floor. He advised me to use the broken pillars as a walkway. I nodded, and went to make my way to the third floor. However, there was a Golett that intervened. I captured it and named it Satoshi. Then, I was back to my mission. The Third Floor was a big puzzle of sorts. Just trying to figure out how to get to the other side was the main challenge. So, after a few attempts, I successfully made it to the other side, and headed up the staircase and to the fourth floor. Here’s where the real action began! The first sight of this room was Brycen and Cheren battling a barrage of Team Plasma grunts. They seemed to have it under control, so I just ignored them and headed on my way. Suddenly, I was ambushed by a grunt. He cackled.

“I couldn’t let the others have all of the fun!” he spoke, “Now! You’re too late! There’s nothing you can do to stop our lord now!” and this began the first of many battles I would have to face before I got to where N would be.

*A little while later*

After defeating the grunts here, I was finally at the top. Kai the Axew evolved into a Fraxure, and the others gathered some good experience. However, my Pokemon would be no match for what I saw next. There, N was standing in front of the legendary ZEKROM! Are you flipping kidding me right now?! Why is Zekrom not tearing at N like beef jerky? What if Zekrom makes me his chew toy?! I’m gonna die! My adrenaline kicked into flight mode, but my legs felt like anchors. I was stuck and I couldn’t move. N just turned to me and smiled.

“Ariel, what do you think?” He asked sweetly, “Of the beautiful form of the Pokemon that will fight beside the hero and make a new world?” Oh boy, N and his gibberish again. I was just too scared to even think straight. Then, N said something about going to the Pokemon League to defeat the Champion. After this, he jumped onto Zekrom’s back and the two flew away. I just stood there, motionless. Cheren and Brycen appeared shortly after. They only got a brief glimpse of Zekrom before it took off. The two trainers spoke for a moment before taking me and leading me out of the tower. We met up with Cedric and Bianca shortly afterwards. After explaining what happened, Cedric seemed upset, frustrated, and determined. Of course, as if on cue, Alder appears. So, we have to explain everything to him. He rubs his chin and looks at us.

“I’ve traveled all over Unova, so I have an idea of where Team Plasma went…that‘s it… I‘m going to the Relic Castle,” Alder spoke with dignity and courage. Cheren nodded and the two headed south. For me, I figured it was easier to have HiPS fly me to Nimbasa, and go south west. Guess what? That’s what I did. So, after doing the things I mentioned a minute ago, I came to the entrance of the Relic Castle. Cheren arrived shortly. He said Alder went on ahead, and then proceeded to go down into the castle. I followed, and from here on out, it was quicksand and plasma grunts.

*Skipping to the important part*

Finally, after getting down to the pit of the castle, Cheren and I ran over to where Ghetsis and Alder were standing. Ghetsis began talking about some nonsense before mentioning that the Light Stone wasn’t here and that we would have to look elsewhere. I sighed as Ghetsis made his depart. Alder looked at Cheren and I before leading us to the entrance of the castle. From there, he told us to go to Nacrene City. So, as fast as I could, I had HiPS fly me to the city. Professor Juniper, Cedric, Bianca, and Alder were waiting for me at the entrance of the Nacrene City museum. Moments later, Lenora showed up and with the Light Stone! Lenora handed me the stone before getting into conversation about the Legendary Dragon Pokemon. No one knew any good ideas of where to gather information. Then, Alder made it known that I needed to go to Opelucid City and talk to a gentleman named Brayden. So, after telling me the directions to Opelucid City, Alder flew away to the Pokemon League. As for me…well, I flew to Icirrus City, and began my long journey to Opelucid. However, I’m just gonna skip that long journey and get to the good stuff!
Now, as I arrived to Opelucid City, I look around at the futuristic view. I was attracted immediately to it. However, I focused my attention on Ghetsis, who was making a bull-crap speech about releasing our Pokemon and whatnot. After that stupid meeting was over, I see Alder, Iris, and some old guy. Alder began speaking with them, and told me that Brayden would tell me all I needed to know. He also said that I would need to defeat him in order to get my final gym badge! I think Saving the world is more important, but whatever. So, Alder flies away and Brayden departs. That leaves Iris being my tour guide. So, unfortunately, I had to follow a little 10 year old all the way to Brayden’s home before she would leave me alone. Once I was in the home, Brayden began telling me all of the information he knew about the Legendary Dragon types. Then, he said he would be waiting for me at the Opelucid Gym. So, after he departed, I left his house and healed my Pokemon.

“Well, since he trains Dragon Types, I guess I need to train my dragon types as well,” I spoke out loud as I looked down at Kai. He was getting close to evolution, but it wasn’t going to happen unless he got some more training. I made a deal with him. If he let me get a good night’s rest, I would make him a Haxorus by tomorrow. He nodded, and with that, I booked a room in the Pokemon Center. I released my Pokemon, and let them get some leg room before we all went to sleep for the night…well…Kai wasn’t asleep. He was looking outside the window, and up at the moon. He was anxiously awaiting the moment he would evolve. For now, he would have to stay a Fraxure. It was for only just one more night. Tomorrow, it would be more than just my team that would be getting trained. The box Pokemon will be getting trained as well. I expect many of Pokemon to evolve and get stronger. So, what am I doing still awake? I need to be getting to sleep!


Sky- level 41 (@Scarlet Sky)
@Taiki- level 41
@ghaskan- level 45
@hurristat- level 45
HiPS- level 44 (@Hide in Plain Sight)
Kai- level 46

Box Pokemon:

Rain- level 20 (@Claude Rains)
@Xiera- level 30
Kiran- level 37 (@The Booty Warrior )
@Feliciano - level 28
Ice K- level 35 @Agent K
Piggy- level 33 (@CommanderPigg )
Danish- level 30 (@Insanish Danish )
@Sovereign - level 22
Sampy- level 30 (@garrison-san )
@Ebail - level 26
@Zenax - level 29
Hallow- level 14 (@Hallowheart )
Panda- level 28 (@Bulba_Panda )
Raizhu - level 20 (@Christmaszu)
@Mijzelffan - level 28
@Ghost - level 32
@Oblivion - level 24
@Paperhorse - level 24
@Mintaka - level 29
@Kodizzle - level 23
Scott- level 24
@Yuuki - level 22
Erin- level 29 (@Professor Erin )
@Hypersonic - level 23
@Aestivate - level 28
@Musashi - level 27
Figment- level 33
Karamazov- level 32 (@Cutemon )
DCM- level 31
Jax- level 31 (@The Last of the West)
Violet- level 17 (@Shrinking Violet )
@Lumi - level 13
Alaska- level 21
Candy- level 25
@Rayne - level 20
Caps- level 20
Emily- level 18
@HiPS- level 38
@TFSpock - level 12
Arc- level 15
SC- level 30 (@Shiny Celebi )
Subsea- level 15
@SaoTim - level 15
KM- level 16
@Enzap - level 20
@Kazooie - level 15
TKnitt- level 21
@Pyradox - level 22
Parma- level 17 (@Parmalee )
@Meron - level 20
@Meryn - level 22

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  1. Oblivion's Avatar
    Aaand, still stuck in the Box.

    Ah, whatever. It's nice in there. I get some nice company, and it gives me a good place to plan my dominationkick back and relax.



    *cough* Did you hear something?
  2. Pariah's Avatar
    still level 17 ;-; god I turned 18 last summer *.*
  3. The Booty Warrior's Avatar
    Well, it is comfortable in here, I suppose...

    I assume my skills are not necessary at the moment...though I think I could learn from fighting alongside that..."Fuck Yeah American Bird". I believe that was his name...

    I hope I haven't been living up to Ariel's expectations... ;v;

    (Not sure if that bird sadface works or not)
  4. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    Did you know that steel is the only type that resists dragon? [/totally not implying anything]
  5. Yang Xiao Long's Avatar
    I'm a boss.

    My moment has come.
  6. Judai Yuki's Avatar
    It's comfy there in the box.
  7. Opal's Avatar
    Y'know what? We're in the box because we're the cool kids. She's totes saving us for something awesome, really. We're obviously all going to get trained and rotated like the badasses we are next time. >___>
  8. Ebail's Avatar
    Just call me boxman, cause I'm still living in that box, and if I ever get to battle my weapon of choice will be a box.
  9. TheCapsFan's Avatar
    Kinda means I'm a Watchog. I evolve at LV20. :P

    Anyway, really good job Octy! ^^


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