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Pokemon Black: BMGf Edition! Part 8, and the Gym Leader battle video!

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by , 27th November 2011 at 04:02 PM (498 Views)
NOTE: Here's the 7th gym battle video

After winning my badge from Skyla, I healed my Pokemon at the Pokemon Center. I decided to take HiPS with me, as he’s been needing a good dose of training. I’ve left him in the PC for too long. As I looked at him, he seemed a little annoyed with me. I could tell through those stunner shades he was wearing. I hugged him and pet his feathers.

“Yes, I know you’re mad at me,” I spoke, “But you’ll get over it. Besides, it’s time to show the world what you’re made of!” I tried to make him feel better, and apparently, it worked. His Swag made its return and now he’s ready for battle. I laughed as I returned him into his Pokeball. I switched my team around, and bid my goodbyes to Mistralton City before heading to Twist Mountain. There, I encountered Cheren. He challenged me to a battle, which of course, I accepted(not like I have a choice). I destroyed him with ease, like usual. Then, Alder comes up to us and begins talking about stuff like “What we plan to do after we get stronger” and whatnot. This seemed to bother Cheren. I couldn’t seem to understand why though.

“You remind me so much of Marshall,” Alder commented as he looked at Cheren. Then Alder said a few more things before leaving. Cheren pushed up his glasses and stared at the entrance to Twist Mountain.

“I’m going on ahead, Ariel,” Cheren spoke, “I need to figure out what I plan to do after I become stronger…” with that, he left. I shrugged and with HiPS, flew to Driftveil City. I healed my Pokemon at the Driftveil Pokemon Center, and took a walk around the City. I saw something sparkling at the Lighthouse, so I went to swim over there. On the way, I was confronted by a male Frillish. I ended up capturing him. He was named Poppet because for some weird reason, he reminded me of a puppet. So, I continued onwards to the lighthouse, and found a nifty item known as a Water Stone. It could evolve Subsea into Simipour, if I so desired. Then, I went back to Mistralton City, and made my way to Twist Mountain. When I went inside, I found Cheren and Clay. Clay had mentioned something about Team Plasma before he went back to his Gym. Cheren cautioned me before heading in. I walked around before I captured a Cubchoo. I named her Xiera. Also, Taiki evolved into the regal Serperior. While on the mountain, I had suffered my first defeat…from a doctor! WTF?! And he sent my ass packing all the way back to Mistralton too! I will get my revenge on that idiot! But first! I’m going to the Mistralton Cave. I think there’s a Pokemon that will help me. So, I flew to Driftveil and I rode on Hurristat’s back as he carried me to the land where the entrance to the cave was. I returned him and entered. It would be a while before I would find this Pokemon, but when I did, I was beyond thrilled! A male Axew! Quickly, I grabbed an Ultra Ball and threw it at the dragon Pokemon. A few shakes later, the ball pinged and I knew I had captured Axew. I named him Kai. My friend will sure be happy of having an Axew named after him. It’s what he always wanted after all.

After that side-quest, I went to the Driftveil Pokemon Center to heal up my team and get Kai the Axew. Then, I flew back to Nuvema Town for a brief moment. I stopped by Professor Juniper’s lab and showed her my Pokédex. After showing her my progress, she handed me two lovely items: the TM for False Swipe and the TM for Protect. I thanked her and headed to my house. It’s only fair that I visit mother while I was in town. I took a quick rest before bidding her goodbye. I headed up to route 1, where I took the water route that went left. Poor Hurristat was going to be in for a long surf. And a long surf it was. Poor little Samurott had to carry me for about 10 miles or longer before we finally reached land. I returned the tired out Pokemon back into its Pokeball before I continued onward. I trained against many of the powerful Pokemon that were living here. It definitely helped strengthen my team. DEFINITELY. Eventually, I came upon a rest house, and decided to heal my team there. There was this trainer who gave me an egg that he found in the Relic Castle. I was curious as to what Pokemon was inside, so I kept it with me. I bid my farewells and trained a little bit more before treading back all the way back to Mistralton. Why didn’t I just fly? Well, I wanted my egg to hatch. It did eventually hatch into a cute little Larvesta. I bestowed her with the name Rain. I put her away into the PC, and began journeying to Twist Mountain.

This time, I did destroy that doctor and made him eat his words! I also made it all the way to Irricus City, which was pretty darn cool. Once I found the Pokemon Center, I decided to heal my Pokemon. I heard that the Gym leader here used Ice Types, so I knew automatically that I couldn’t use Taiki, HiPS, Kai, or any other Pokemon I had that would be weak to Ice. So, I pulled out GEB, and Kyumorph from the PC before I went back into the Twist Mountain.

While in Twist Mountain, Sky evolved into Eelektrik. Then, I used the Thunderstone to evolve him further. He was now a full-fledged Eelektross. I had given Kyumorph the lucky egg, as it would help him evolve into Scrafty. Also, something very wonderful happened while I was in this cave/mountain…I found a SHINY Gurdurr! A shiny freaking Gurdurr! I wasted no time in capturing her. She was given the name of Naomi. It was the first shiny Pokemon that I’ve seen on this journey, and I wasn’t about to let her go. I also captured the very elusive Cryogonal. I named him DCM. It wasn’t much later until Kyumorph finally evolved into Scrafty. GEB and Naomi also got much needed training. I finally decided to get out of Twist Mountain and to do some training elsewhere. Where would I go next?? Route 8 seemed most logical. I only ran into Palpitoads, Shelmet, and Stunfisk though. I did catch a Stunfisk and name it Karamazov. I got rather bored of this route and headed back to Irricus, where I found a wild Druddigon. I caught him and named him Jax.

After finding these Pokemon, I figure that now would be the best time to battle the Gym leader, and get my badge. So, with my team ready, I headed into the Gym, and defeated all of the trainers. Then, I ran into the gym leader, Brycen. I braced myself for a potentially dangerous battle. GEB was my ring-leader and he needed to prove his worth! My seventh badge was on the line.

Team Pokemon:
GEB- level 36
Naomi- level 36
Sky- level 39
@Kyumorph- level 39
@hurristat- level 42
@ghaskan- level 43

PC Pokemon

@Taiki- level 36
Rain- level 1 (@Claude Rains)
Kiran- level 37 (@The Booty Warrior)
@Feliciano- level 28
Ice K- level 35 @Agent K
Piggy- level 33 (@CommanderPigg)
Danish- level 30 (@Insanish Danish)
@Sovereign- level 22
Sampy- level 30 (@garrison-san)
@Ebail- level 26
@Zenax- level 29
Hallow- level 14 (@Hallowheart)
Panda- level 28 (@Bulba_Panda)
@Raizhu- level 20
@Mijzelffan- level 28
@Ghost- level 32
@Oblivion- level 24
@Paperhorse- level 24
@Mintaka- level 29
@Kodizzle- level 23
Scott- level 24
@Yuuki- level 22
Erin- level 29 (@Professor Erin)
@Hypersonic- level 23
@Aestivate- level 28
@Musashi- level 27
Figment- level 33
Kai- level 32
Karamazov- level 32 (@Cutemon)
@Xiera- level 28
DCM- level 31
Jax- level 31 (@The Last of the West)
Violet- level 17 (@Shrinking Violet)
@Lumi- level 13
Alaska- level 21
Candy- level 25
@Rayne- level 20
Caps- level 20
Emily- level 18
@HiPS- level 38
@TFSpock- level 12
Arc- level 15
SC- level 30 (@Shiny Celebi)
Subsea- level 15
@SaoTim- level 15
KM- level 16
@Enzap- level 20
@Kazooie- level 15
TKnitt- level 21
@Pyradox- level 22
Parma- level 17 (@Parmalee)
@Meron- level 20
@Meryn- level 22

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Updated 10th December 2011 at 02:12 PM by Serenity

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  1. Space Opera's Avatar
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    Awesome, I'm destined to be box-bait.
  2. ghaskan's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    Beartic vs Emboar! What a great match! *cough*notbiasedinanyway*cough* Nah, but really, two bulky Pokémon fighting one another is awesome!
    Karamazov and Serenity like this.
  3. Xiera's Avatar
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    I'm a Chubchoo! <3 How did you know I liked Chubchoo too! XD <3
    Serenity likes this.
  4. Ebail's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Being all boxed up is awesome. Of course I can clearly see your true aim with me; leave me boxed until the E4 since Chandelure is a great to use there. Yup, keeping the big guns a surprise til the end, I gotcha :D
    Serenity and Kaori like this.
  5. Iteru's Avatar
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    Evolution... and then rejection ;__;
    Bishie Karis-chan likes this.
  6. Karamazov's Avatar
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    Good. Now get rid of your whole team (aside from Ghaskan, because Emboar are awesome) and add Stunfisk. It pulls the weight of a whole team all on its own, kyu.
    Serenity likes this.
  7. Serenity's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Taiki
    Evolution... and then rejection ;__;
    I didn't want you to be Beartic bait. .__.;
  8. ghaskan's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Quote Originally Posted by Taiki
    Evolution... and then rejection ;__;
  9. Durbe's Avatar
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    An embarassing loss to a doctor you suffered. revenge you got. Now pwn Brycen you shall.
    Serenity likes this.
  10. Jaden's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Pity a Grass-type like me couldn't doing anything in that battle. ;_;
    Lol, I think I like Emboar now.
    Serenity and ghaskan like this.
  11. Iteru's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Octy
    I didn't want you to be Beartic bait. .__.;
    I'll be like "Fuck yeah, Leaf Storm and Contrary!"

    Oh wait...
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  12. The Booty Warrior's Avatar
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    Now, I feel more comfortable about this crazy box. You modern humans have some rather...nifty, I think the word was, implements.

    (You should totally write down a double battle with MAMAbird and his acolyte Archeops.)
    Serenity likes this.
  13. Kyumorph's Avatar
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    Hell yes, I'm a Scrafty now.
    Serenity likes this.
  14. Mijzelffan's Avatar
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    Oh yay, Mijzelffan went up two levels. That means you've trained him (even when it's just a little) ^^
    Serenity likes this.
  15. Oblivion's Avatar
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    I was not used.

    Profound sadness.
  16. Serenity's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oblivion
    I was not used.

    Profound sadness.
    I didn't want you to be Beartic bait either. D:


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