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Pokemon Black: BMGf Edition (Part 2)

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On my first exploration of this city, it just seemed like an average, everyday ordinary town. However, this small city had a Pokemon Gym, and the Pokemon Trainer’s School. So, I figure that Striation isn’t so bad. Besides, I need to get my Gym Badge anyways. But before I could challenge the gym, I had to do some hardcore training. There was no way Ghaskan, Rayne, Caps, and Violet could take on three leaders at once! So, I head east to something that looks like an old construction site. It appears to be called “The Dreamyard”. There wasn’t much to see unfortunately, but at least I got to battle a few trainers. After beating those trainers, I saw this girl. She looked at Ghaskan and smiled .

“If you want to beat the Gym leader,” she started, “You’re going to need a special Pokemon to deal with them. Since your starter is Tepig, the gym leader will use a Pokemon that Tepig is weak against. Pansage, however, can help you defeat that Pokemon. Please, take this Pansage. She’ll help you on your journey.” The girl gave me a Pokéball, and waved me on my way.

“Well, it’s time to meet you, Pansage,” I spoke as I released the broccoli monkey from it’s Pokéball. It looked at me and blinked a few times before jumping onto my shoulder.

“Pan!” The monkey cheered, “Pansage!” she hugged my neck before returning herself to her Pokéball. I laughed slightly as I looked at her Pokéball.

“Come on, KM, let’s go,” I spoke to the Pokéball as I head back to Striation City. Once I got back to the city, I headed for the Trainer’s school to brush up on some info. Of course, when I got there, who do I run into but Cheren? Apparently, he was studying as well. He looked at me and pushed up his glasses, like he usually does.

“Hello, Ariel,” he spoke with no emotion, “Since we’re both here, how about we have a battle? I want to see if I’m using items effectively, and I also want to see who is stronger.” I smirk as I pick up Rayne’s Pokéball and release the Purrloin.

“Alright, I’ll show you what I’m made of!” I cheered, “Let’s do this, Rayne!”

“Purrloin,” Rayne meowed in an adorable manner. Cheren had released his Oshawott. The battle started off with Rayne giving Oshawott a couple of doses of Sand Attack. This seemed to give us an advantage as most of Oshawott’s attacks were missing. Cheren didn’t show any emotion as the battle continued. Rayne kept whittling Oshawott’s strength down by using Assist and Scratch. When it seemed like the battle was on, Oshawott’s Oran Berry activated. Soon, Oshawott was back in peak form. I mentally cursed as Oshawott just made this battle much more annoying. However, Cheren seemed pleased, as a smile was upon his face.

“Good job, Oshawott,” Cheren praised, “Now, tackle.” Rayne took the Oshawott’s tackle, and took damage. I growled as I saw my Purrloin getting weaker. He meowed in pain as the damage was taking it’s toll. In an attempt to win, he took Oshawott out with a striking scratch attack. Oshawott fell to the ground and fainted. Cheren returned the fallen Pokemon, and released his own Purrloin.

“Return, Rayne,” I spoke as I called back my Pokemon. I pulled out another Pokéball and sent out my next Pokemon. It was Violet the Lillipup. Violet barked and immediately got into battle stance. The fire burning in Violet’s eyes made me see how much of a battler she truly was. This battle ended just as quick as it began. Violet decimated Cheren’s Purrloin, and earned me victory. Cheren remained expressionless as he congratulated me and handed me a few Oran Berries as a consolation prize. He left soon after. I sighed and studied the blackboard.

Once I finished studying, I gathered my things, and headed south to train. Oh boy, this was going to be a grueling training session. Little did I know how much training I would actually do. Since I’ve been training, I could say that Ghaskan and Violet could very well be close to evolving. So, now, I think we’re ready to face the Gym Leaders!

When I got to the Striation Gym, I battled a few trainers before heading to the Gym Leaders. There stood Cilan, and his brothers, Cress and Chili. They introduced themselves and explained that I wouldn’t be fighting all of them. Instead, they chose who I battled. In this case, since I chose Tepig, I would battle Cress. Cress politely walked over to his side of the battle area, and released his first Pokemon. He had a Lillipup, and I sent out Rayne. At first, I thought this battle was going great, then I saw the end of Rayne. Lillipup had began using Work Up, a move that increased its attack. Rayne’s multiple Sand Attacks weren’t enough…he was defeated by Lillipup.

“You did great, Rayne,” I spoke softly, “Take a good rest.” I returned my fainted Purrloin. I thought for a little while before deciding to send out KM. I knew this was risky, but I also knew that this would pay off. “Let’s do this, KM!”

“Pan!” KM cheered as she joyfully jumped around. Cress seemed to be more determined than before.

“Lillipup, Bite!” Cress ordered. Lillipup charged towards KM and tried to bite her. However, KM danced around in order to avoid it, and put an end to Lillipup with a single Vine Whip. Cress seemed unimpressed as he recalled back his Pokemon. He then sent out his signature Pokemon: Panpour. Panpour stood firm as it readied it’s battle stance.

“Let’s finish this, KM!” I ordered as my Pansage was getting ready for Round two. It was such an easy battle, that it was almost pathetic. Panpour fell with almost no effort whatsoever. KM destroyed Panpour, and won the match. I had gained the Trio Badge. Cilan also gave me a TM. It was the TM for Work Up, the move I saw Lillipup use earlier in the match. I thanked them, and exited the gym.

When I left the gym, a woman stopped me and wanted me to follow her. Without much choice, I followed her. She introduced herself as Fennel, and she wanted a favor out of me. To find a Munna. It was said that they could contain an item called the Dream Mist. Just to be nice, I said I would go and do what she asked of me. She gave me an HM. This HM was known as Cut, and you could only use it after you beat the Striation Gym. After thanking her, I quickly left. Now, I could finally heal up my Pokemon, and then, go find that Munna. I released Rayne to keep me company as I looked for Munna.

“Purrloin?” Rayne meowed as I picked him up. I kept him cradled in my arms as I headed for the Dreamyard. When I arrived at the destination, I sent KM out to cut down a shrub that was blocking my path. As soon as KM was returned into her Pokéball, Bianca made her appearance.

“Hey, Ariel!” Bianca spoke happily, “What are you doing here?” to be honest, her voice annoyed me to no end…it was just too happy. Way too happy. I tried not to wince as I went to answer her question. But right as I was about to reply, she makes a notion about how she heard something. Rayne jumped out of my arm and followed suit. I sighed as I followed my Purrloin.

“Come back, Rayne,” I called out as I followed the two to a clearing. There, Munna was playing about in the moonlight. Then, a man and a woman began attacking it. There was NO WAY IN HELL that I was going to let them abuse a Munna like that. So, with Rayne by my side, we set out to defeat the two people. While Rayne fell in battle, Violet picked up where he left off and finished the two off.

After the battle, I recognized the two people as grunts from Team Plasma. Then, a man with robes on began talking to the grunts. I wasn’t clear on what he said, but it sent those two packing. Eventually the man disappeared and Musharna appeared in it’s place. I guess the Musharna was the Munna’s parent. Those two thanked us and left, but not without leaving behind Fennel’s precious item: the Dream Mist. Right on cue, Fennel came running. She gathered the Mist and thanked Bianca and I before departing. Bianca went to look for Munna. I decided to train some more. While I was training, I ran into a familiar face.

“Munna?” the Munna cooed as it levitated slightly above the ground. I sent KM out to weaken out before I threw a Pokéball. A few intense moments later, and I had captured Munna. I had given her the name “Lumi”. So, with Lumi in my team now, we began training some more.

After a little while of training, I decided that my Pokemon need a rest. After visiting the Striation Pokemon Center, I headed over to Fennel’s house, and she explained to me about the Game Sync. She also gave me two wonderful gifts: A Pal Pad, and a C-Gear. I thanked her graciously, and went back to training. Just because I had it easy the first gym doesn’t mean the second gym would be just as easy. Time to buckle down, and head for Nacrene City!

Ghaskan- level 14 (Female)
Violet- level 15 (Female)
Caps- level 14 (Male)
KM- level 13 (Female)
Rayne- level 12 (Male)
Lumi- level 10 (Female)

@ghaskan, @Shrinking Violet, @TheCapsFan, @Kakuna Matata, @Lumi, @Rayne

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    I refuse to be teammates with Lumi-girl. She is far too pink and throwpillowy. >:T D'aw you made me Broccoli Monkey. :3c Oddly-colored Broccoli Monkey was no match for me. >:D


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