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Pokemon Black: BMGf Edition! Part 1

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by , 15th November 2011 at 12:38 PM (391 Views)
“This is it…no turning back…” I thought to myself as I look at the blue box sitting on my computer desk. It was a gift from Professor Juniper, but the gift wasn’t just for me. It was for my friends Cheren and Bianca as well. Today is the day that the three of us begin our Pokemon journey. I nervously began playing with a strand of my dark auburn hair while I wait for the others to arrive. Moments later, Cheren walked into my room.

“Hello, Ariel,” He spoke eloquently as he pushed up his black framed glasses. Smiling back, I stood up and walked over to him. I gave him a light, friendly hug before pointing at the box.

“There’s our Pokemon,” I said with excitement in my voice, “When Bianca gets here, we can finally pick our starter.” Cheren simply nodded as he looked at the box. After a few moments, he looked at me. He was about to say something when Bianca came into the room. She seemed to be out of breath, and was panting heavily.

“S-sorry I’m late guys…” she spoke in between breaths. She brushed a strand of her golden blonde hair out of her blue eyes. Soon, she ran up to the box and beamed with excitement. “Yay! Our Pokemon are here! Let’s open the box! Open it! Open it!” Cheren and I sweat dropped as we made our way over to my desk. My fingers graced the lid of the box before opening it. Inside the box contained three Pokéballs and a letter from Professor Juniper. Due to being so anxious, I quickly disregarded the letter and just looked at the Pokéballs.

“Since this is Ariel’s house, she should get to pick first,” Cheren noted. Shockingly, Bianca seemed to agree. I thanked the two and looked at the three Pokéballs. I thought about this, and after a few minutes, I picked the middle Pokéball up and released the Pokemon inside. A Tepig emerged. She looked at me with her big, brown, coal colored eyes.

“Tepig!” the Pokemon grunted happily. Bianca squealed happily and looked at Tepig.

“She’s so cute!” Bianca cheered, “Are you going to name her?”

“Ghaskan,” I answered simply as I bent down and began petting Ghaskan. She grunted happily as she ran around the room. Bianca stood back up and grabbed the Pokéball in the left of the box. She released the Pokemon from it’s Pokéball. A Snivy emerged and it just stood there with it’s smug expression. Cheren sighed as he grabbed the last Pokéball and sent out the creature inside. It was an Oshawott.

“Let’s battle, Ariel!” Bianca cheered, “This will be fun!” Cheren was quick to explain that it wouldn’t be a good idea, as my room would be destroyed. However, she said that since our Pokemon were still young, they wouldn’t harm anything since they’re still weak.” So, that began my battle with Bianca. Ghaskan versus Snivy. Who will win?? I knew the answer to that before the battle even began.

An hour later, I had successfully won a battle against Bianca, and I won against Cheren as well. Cheren had to point out that my room was a wreck now, and I was preparing for the worst. Ghaskan, however, seemed happy about getting to battle other Pokemon, as she didn’t really care about winning. Bianca sighed sadly.

“Let’s go apologize to Ariel’s mom,” Bianca spoke. Cheren nodded as he pushed up his glasses once again. I nodded and led the two downstairs. Mom smiled as she greeted us. After we explained what had went on in my bedroom, she laughed softly.

“Don’t worry about your room,” she explained, “It makes me happy to see that you three have such strong Pokemon. That makes me feel like you guys can travel safely. So, don’t worry about the room, and go visit Professor Juniper.” So, we thank my mother, and leave the house. On our way to Professor Juniper’s house, Bianca made a stop at her house. After a little while, Bianca finally arrived at the lab. She seemed to be somewhat down, but she tried her best to hide it with a genuine smile. She arrived just in the nick of time, as Professor Juniper made her way to where we were standing. She introduced herself, and explained to us about our Pokemon, and what we were hoping to accomplish. Then, she pulled out three devices. Two black and pink ones, and a black one with blue accents.

“This is a Pokédex, and it records data on Pokemon you’ve seen or caught,” Professor Juniper explained, “These will be helpful as you start your journey.” she handed us our very own Pokédexes. Bianca and I got the pink accented one, while Cheren received the one with the blue accents. She smiled as she pulled out a Pokéball. “Come with me to Route 1, and I’ll show you how to catch a Pokemon.” with that, she dashed out of her lab. Silent was amidst in the lab, as we three just walked out, and headed for Route 1.

“We need to take our first step into Route 1 together,” Cheren noted, “It’s only natural since we are best friends after all.” Bianca nodded and grabbed both my hand and Cheren’s before dragging us into what we knew as Route 1. Professor Juniper greeted us and showed us how to catch Pokemon. Then, she gave us 5 Pokéballs each before going on her way to Accumula Town. Bianca insisted we see who could catch more Pokemon. Cheren actually agreed, and those two went on their capture escapades. I sent out Ghaskan and smiled at her.

“Let’s go get you some new friends,” I told the Tepig sweetly. She grunted happily and ran around.

After around an hour or two, I had captured two Pokemon. A Lillipup named Violet, and a Patrat named Caps. I did some training to make my new Pokemon stronger, and with that, I went to Accumula. After meeting with Cheren and Bianca, I went to the Pokemon Center…only to run into Professor Juniper again. Sadly, I had to deal with more stuff being explained to me. So, after I got away from those three, I made my way to Route 2. I got a call on my X-Transceiver, and it was from my mom. Turns out, she was on her way to see me because she had something I would find useful. When she caught up to me, she gave me a pair of Running Shoes. I thanked her and hugged her before continuing on my journey. I battled a few trainers, and even caught a new Pokemon: A Purrloin that I named Rayne. He’s quite a charmer, and is just adorable. After capturing him, I made my way to Striation City. The home to the Gym Leader Trio: Crest, Chili, and Cilan. I knew that before I could challenge them, I needed to train some more. So, now, that’s what I plan to do. With Ghaskan, Violet, Caps, and Rayne by my side, there’s no way we can lose this battle. We’ll just need to give it everything we’ve got. Who knows? I just really hope we can get this badge!

Current Team:
Ghaskan(Tepig)- Female (level 10)
Caps(Patrat)- Male (level 9)
Violet(Lillipup)- Female(level 11)
Rayne(Purrloin)- Male(level 8)

@Rayne, @TheCapsFan, @Shrinking Violet, and @ghaskan
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