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Nuzlocke Challenge Part 3

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~Evolved Lumi
~Caught Skitty/named Melon
~Lost Melon
~Trained Lumi, Yami, Omi, and Green
~Caught Skitty/named Panda
~Beat Roxanne, and Got the Stone Badge/Rock Tomb TM
~Got HM1 Cut
~Chased Team Aqua member into Rustboro Cave
~Defeated grunt/recieved goods/saved Peeko
~Recieved Pokenav and letter from Devon President
~Finished battling trainers at Route 116
~Caught Nincada/named Tina(Cut Slave)
~Headed back to Mr. Briney's house.
~Headed to Dewford Town
~Delivered letter to Steven/Recieved Steel Wing TM
~Obtained Silk Scarf
~Headed to Slateport
~Caught Electrike/Named Yumi
~Caught Plusle/named Slurpee
~Slurpee transfered into Reserve
~Lost Tina
~Training Panda, Yumi, Green, Yami, Omi, and Lumi
~Changed Yami's name to Alexander
~Changed Yumi's name to Carmen
~Defeated Archie and handed goods to Capt. Stern
~Training the team

Note: I haven't challenged Brawly yet, but I will after I level up my team some more. Expect it in Part 4.


female/level 16
Tackle,Growl,Mud Shot,Water Gun

Male/level 16
Wing Attack,Growl,Focus Energy,Quick Attack,

Male/level 15
Stun Spore,Absorb,Tackle,Leech Seed

Male/level 18
Confusion,Teleport,Growl,Double Team

Female/level 12
Attract,Tackle,Growl,Tail Whip

Female/level 13
Thunder Wave,Tackle,Leer,Howl

Pokemon in reserve:
Slurpee the Plusle

Lost Pokemon:

Kai the Poochyena
DT the Poochyena
Rick Roll the Wurmple
Melon the Skitty
Tina the Nincada

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  1. fullmetalwooper's Avatar
    Nulocke, huh? Woah. I can't believe you're doing that... I would never be able to do it because I get all depressed whenever I have to release someone. Oh, and if you catch a new Poocheyena, name it Hayate :D
  2. Serenity's Avatar
    Okay. I will. =)
  3. Rafia's Avatar
    What is this nulocke challenge?


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