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Famous Last Words

Epic quotes will go here:

"Life's a bitch on her period. Pretty shitty, but sometimes, she has her good days." --- Me

"Looking like whores/douchebags should be a free time activity." --- Kamex

"Gotta love how everyone waited for me to post a blog entry, and then decided to all post their entries within minutes." -- Hypersonic

  1. Nuzlocke Part 8 (Kind of a filler part)

    ~Went into Victory Road
    ~Caught Medicham/named Audi
    ~Defeated Wally
    ~Caught Loudred/named Loud Mouth
    ~Healed at Ever Grande Pokemon League
    ~Back into training for E4

    Sadly, that's all I'm going to accomplish until the next blog. I'm gonna try to make my team at least level 50 each. The next blog will be about Versing Sidney, and possibly Phoebe. If you have any advice on what moves I should put on my team, feel free to leave them in a comment. ...
  2. Nuzlocke Part 7

    ~Returned to Fortree Gym
    ~Defeated Winona
    ~Recieved badge/TM Aerial Ace
    ~Left Fortree
    ~Confronted Team Aqua at Mt. Pyre
    ~Headed to Lilycove again
    ~Went to the cove
    ~Defeated Archie
    ~Left the cove
    ~Went to Mossdeep City
    ~Healed the team
    ~Caught a Sharpedo/named Xtreme
    ~Left Mossdeep
    ~made it to Pacifidlog Town
    ~Left Pacifidlog
    ~Returned to Mossdeep City
    ~Went to the gym ...
  3. Nuzlocke Challenge Part 6 (nothing too intersting)

    ~Evolved Green
    ~Caught Electrike/named Phalia
    ~Evolved Phalia
    ~Stopped the Generator at New Mauville
    ~Stopped Team Aqua at the Weather institute
    ~Recieved Castform
    ~Caught Tropius/named Sienna
    ~Evolved Lumi
    ~Made it to Fortree
    ~Ran into Steven
    ~Got Devon Scope
    ~Caught Kecleon/named Strawberry
    ~Went to Mt. Pyre
    ~Caught Vulpix/named Gemini
    ~Trained at Mt. Pyre
    ~Evolved Gemini
    ~Left Mt. Pyre ...
  4. Nuzlocke part 5

    ~Trained the team some
    ~Evolved Green
    ~Beat Flannery/obtained badge/obtained Overheat TM
    ~Obtained Go-Goggles from Brendan
    ~Headed out to the desert
    ~Got Stardust/TM 37/ Root Fossil
    ~Left the desert
    ~Headed back to Rustboro, through Fallarbor Town
    ~Regenerated the Root Fossil
    ~Obtained Lileep/Named Iris(Female)
    ~Headed towards Petalburg
    ~Began training at the Petalburg Gym
    ~Lost Panda in the battle ...
  5. Nuzlocke Part 4

    ~Evolved Green
    ~Headed back to Dewford
    ~Beat Brawly/Obtained Knuckle Badge/Got Bulk Up TM
    ~Headed back to Slateport
    ~Trained Carmen and Panda
    ~Beat Brendan
    ~Trained some more
    ~Lost Carmen
    ~Headed to Mauville
    ~Beat Wally
    ~Trained the team
    ~Made it to Verdanturf
    ~Healed at Pokemon Center
    ~Went back to training
    ~Evolved Alexander
    ~Trained at Mauville Gym
    ~Beat Wattson/Obtained Dynamo Badge/Obtained ...
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