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Best Bandwagon Ever!

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like this status and ill private message you a confession. ;3

see? Best Bandwagon ever in the history of Bulbagarden! aside from the 'who on BMGf would you sleep with' bandwagon shot*

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  1. Leavanny Duo's Avatar
    1 and done.
  2. Dolce's Avatar
  3. Satoshi-kun's Avatar
  4. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
  5. Karamazov's Avatar
  6. System Error's Avatar
  7. Trainer Gabriel's Avatar
  8. J J M's Avatar
    Definitely 5.
  9. Flannery's Avatar
    You get a 1 for posting this blog sis xD
  10. Serenity's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mako
    You get a 1 for posting this blog sis xD
    Love you too, Bub. :P
  11. Flaze's Avatar
    I'll pick two :P 5 and 14
  12. System Error's Avatar
    Welp. This is blog is so 8, although not to be 18. But I should start a 14 tag team with @Leavanny Duo and call it the Un5s. 21 team ever. >:D

    And no, I'm not 1. And I only call the team that because this list is 10 and doesn't have anything in between. :P


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