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Super Saiyan God

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Tearing myself away from my Best Wishes! anime shenanigans, in recent news DBZ has a new movie coming out, Dragon Ball Z Battle of the Gods the movie is for a sure thing canon since Akira Toriyama worked closely in the construction of it himself alongside Toei. On one hand I like the SSJG look and how it's quite a divergent from the typical green-blue and gold hair scenario, however sometimes I worry that this shit might be getting too convoluted, ya know? Bye the Buu arc. Goten and Trunks could go normal Super Saiyan and it felt a bit weird to see such a highly valued form be reduced to a child's play thing. Overall I felt like SSJ3 was largely not needed, it didn't feel like it played a huge role at all in the Buu Saga aside to give some "epic" to the story and the fusions, imo, could have easily sufficed much better for that role. I also have to take into account how ridiculous these power-levels seem to be getting in size, the main antagonist Bills is gonna be stronger than Buu so this shall be interesting.

This movie pretty much wipes GT from existence for good since SSJ4 got retconned. So it'll be interesting to see how things go, I've only seen one piece/trailer of the movie. This one:

Bills seems pretty entertaining so far, not overly haughty like Freeza, not overly playful like Buu.

Next week a crossover special between One Piece, DBZ, and Toriko finally airs which is gonna rock. For a mass-Shounen anime-ish guy like me this is gonna be cool.

April 7th it is. :P

I'm nearing the ending of Steins;Gate, an anime I've been doing a watch through of. Entertaining stuff so far.

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  1. Lugion's Avatar
    The Boo arc of Dragon Ball was, in all but name, a self-parody. The villains became ridiculous, the power-ups became ridiculous, Piccolo became ridiculous... Fusion was ridiculous. And it was all in the name of fun. :P

  2. Pokémon Master Ash's Avatar
    As we all know, Dragonball GT was the peak of the series.

    Especially the English dub that aired on CN with the rap. Gold, baby, gold.

    The Baby Saga was the best by far. The Shadow Dragon Saga only wishes it could be as good.


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