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Sweet Veil

Make Your Time!

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Heyo, so I was doing the beginnings of a sketch of Cameron and a few of his Pokemon(And maybe Ash and Unfezant) right here(It's no where near done nor ready to be inked and colored):

I wondering about my biggest flaw in my drawing and the bane of me, lineart and coloring. Oh the horror, lineart is literally me undoing and drawing lines until they look straight enough to me because I can't be happy with lines at all unless they're really accurate and coloring. I really need to work on different and more tidy coloring methods because my methods thus far have been pretty shitty to be honest. Magic Wand tool locks me out from coloring the rest of the drawing regularly. Cel-shading too.

So...anyone got any pointers on coloring and shading? They are, without a doubt, my weakest areas of art.

On another note, I'm planning to watch Psycho Pass, Evangelion, and Iron Man 1(& 2) soon. Yay. Then again my last day of school for the summer was yesterday, so things will be a tad easier and laid-back.

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  1. 97SaturnSL1's Avatar
    DO one with Swanna and Lucario trying to chase him


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