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Bubble Frog

I hate how common Shinies are seeming to become.

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To the point where every time I see one of those fishing shinies on a Tumblr post I don't care because the feelings of them are summed up well right here:
"Everyone in the shiny pokemon tag orgasming over the chain fishing method.


Well of course it fucking works Nintendo even said it works why would they lie for no reason.

Guess what the shiny you got is so low in value and rarity anyway since everybody else and their damn dog has one. Sorry to burst your bubble."
They're not special if everyone is getting them so easily, they just don't feel as amazing. You know?

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  1. Norzan's Avatar
    I get a shiny for the first time ever since i play pokemon in my White Version two days before X and Y came out and it seems it rains shinies in X and Y... still proud for getting a shiny Patrat.
  2. MegaCharr's Avatar
    I just said this to my friend on skype about this:

    Blame X and Y for that...
  3. Karamazov's Avatar
    I don't mind. It makes people happy, and while they're more common, they're still rare. And now everyone has a nice shot at getting them, so less people will feel left out for not having one.
  4. Mikes Gardevoir's Avatar
    I haven't found a shiny in X yet, but I haven't caught any pokemon at all
  5. Shiny Shinx's Avatar
    I've caught a lot of Pokemon so far (362 Seen, 169 Caught), and haven't seen one single Shiny. Maybe your just lucky?
  6. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    Better than 1/8,000+ odds of ever seeing one. I've encountered a grand total of 2 shinies, ever. I get that they become less special the more common they get, but the usual odds are just too slim, especially when you soft-reset for one. I've tried to soft-reset for shiny legendaries a couple times and it's just a waste of time.
  7. The Outrage's Avatar
    You sound like the people at the Battle Chateau who are upset that I was let into their little club.

    It's funny that people are hating on chain-fishers for doing something that at least requires some effort to obtain a shiny Pokemon yet we're supposed to hold high praise for people in the past generations for sheer dumb luck at running into shinies.
  8. Bubble Frog's Avatar
    @The Outrage; I mean, I like that we can find these shiny little creatures, they're awesome and make everyone happy, like Contrary said, but as I thought about the Absol I found. I just kept thinking that it isn't as amazing as I thought, you know? Maybe I'm weird like that since it was my first one.
  9. The Outrage's Avatar
    Well, if you're appreciating a shiny for its street value, I can see why. I only want shiny Pokemon when they look good.
  10. L.L.'s Avatar
    Everyone is talking about how common shinies are and I'm sitting over here wondering when I'll ever see one.
  11. Winterdaze's Avatar
    I couldn't care less about a Pokemon's "value", which is probably why I don't really care for shinies or other trophy Pokemon in general. I only really care about shinies if they actually look better than the original version, which is rarely the case.

    So making them more accessible is only a good thing in my book.
  12. Baf's Avatar
    I've found two shinies in my play through, and I think that's a good rate of shiny to normal. Past shiny was far too out of sight for many people, and I think with the reduced rate more people are going to be happy that they found a rare pokemon. That's what Game Freak and Nintendo want, for the players to be happy and surprised in their play throughs, instead of spending days breeding for IVs and resetting shinies.


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