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Bubble Frog

Happy Wishful Day!

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So, it's Wishful Day for anyone that doesn't know. I'm mainly making this blog for one of my friends @Dentogirl; whom I've known for quite some time now. (Though she isn't here now, gone on business) She asked me to make a post celebrating Wishful Day, so I don't mind.

For anyone that doesn't know. I'm really not a shipper at all, nor a hardcore shipper or whatever you call people that ship regularly. August 1st is Wishful Day. It's a day honoring the ship that is Iris X Cilan/Dent(o) from the Pokemon Best Wishes anime. So. I'll answer a few questions.

Why August 1st?

I'm pretty meh on the date, I would have preferred something more in the beginning of summer. August 1st is sorta annoying for me since that's around school return time. August 1st is Wishful Day because that's the day where Iris and Cilan were officially revealed together. On Pokemon Smash iirc, which was Pokemon Sunday prior iirc.

What attributes of Wishfulshipping drew you in to support it?

I dunno. Because my friend does I like how they foil off each other so well in the anime. I'll never understand why people take Iris' comments to the heart often, when it's nothing but a comedic running-gag. *shrugs* I enjoy them both in the anime, despite my complaints about them both at times. I also like the pun regarding Wishfulshipping, it's really lulzy and is pretty fun to use in some situations. DenAi or DenAil :P I only really support ships for canonically, this one seems like it has a shot, so why not? I also enjoy how opposite the two are in personality and demeanor, they both brought something to the Pokemon Anime and clash so well and have very fun interaction that are usually entertaining enough for me.

Oh and yeah, it was mainly this pic that drew in my attention to actually full-on support the ship.

Iris:It's fun~
Dento:It's showtime!

Too bad the scenario actually never happened, Iris and Cilan competing in a Musical together actually sounded entertaining on paper and it's the only reason I suffered through the bland shit that was the Marcactus Musical!.

What do you like about this pairing the most?

Opposites attract? I defiantly would have to say the comparing and contrast of them and how they work as foils to each other in traveling companions, alongside their young Pokemon-Master-in-the-making. Themes in how they foil and compare and contrast? Technology and nature, wild and mild, fears of Purrloin and Ice-types, Spiritual and Realism, Black and White, Ying and Yang, Zekrom and Reshiram. I think Truth and Ideals also, though I'm not sure.

I like how the writers alluded to this in Rocking the Virbank Gym! (Part 2). Electric and Fire, Zekrom and Reshiram.

The interactions in A Night in the Nacrene City Museum! had them clash in personality quite a bit. Cilan believing that there's a logical explanation for the haunted museum, while Iris believes there's a true blue angry spirit/ghost about. Well, they were both half right. Yamask is an angry Ghost technically.

Then there's the Wish Festival in Climbing the Tower of Success! in this episode the prize for winning the contest is a "wish". Cilan doesn't believe ringing the bell will truly grant a wish, much to Iris' annoyance who really believes you could gain a wish from it.

Then there's also Cilan getting annoyed at Iris not acting like a "proper" lady at times. Eating while talking for example in Cottonee in Love! . Or choosing to eat freshly picked fruit over a cooked meal, like in Ash and Trip's Third Battle! or Saving Darmanitan From the Bell!.

Then there's Cilan helping her realize the error of her ways in Iris and Excadrill Against the Dragon Buster! and of course Iris' snarky behavior at Cilan's constant Evaluating Time, "It's Pain Time!" comes to mind. If only because it makes Iris sounds like some type of self-hurting sadist. :P

Interaction wise, this just might have been one of my favorites. XD

Iris: Dento you'll help too! *grabs his arm and takes him to corner*
Dento: Waaah?! Hey! Why are you making me FACE this AMAZING TASTE...? *creepy fingers*
Iris: Satoshi is in trouble! Stop babbling and.... there!

They both also have pretty cute mascot Pokemon(Axew and Pansage), big strong rough and trusted "vintage" power players(Excadrill and Crustle), and middle road Electric-types(Emolga and Stunfisk). Iris' Dragonite has no mirror.

Do you have a favorite fanart? If so, which is it and why do you like it?

Not really, but I can go dig something up off the old super information highway. This is my question on the "AskWishfulShipping" blog. It's a funny scenario I've always wanted the anime to implement.

I know the artist myself and they're very talented.

Well, it was fun writing this blog. So, I'm ending it here. Hope you all enjoy Wishful Day! May there be more fun Wishful things to come.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    Oh, I used to love this ship.
  2. Tsutarja's Avatar
    Oh, I love this ship.
  3. JennaJayfeather's Avatar
    OMG I missed this. XDDD Can I say....it's Wishful Day 2.0 on Aug. 17? XDDDD

    I'm going to check this out....I didn't even read the blog yet. All I know is I got lik so many mentions. xD

    It's so epical. My business was going camping. XD


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