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Bubble Frog

Gotpika used Sketch! It's Not Very Effective!!

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So, I've been trying out the new tablet. I figured to improve myself I should pretty much try to draw something or more everyday. So, I've amounted to around six drawings so far, I've got sketching down I think. However, it all goes to shit when I try to do line art and coloring as such, it never comes out the way I really want it to. Plus I still don't really understand quite a few features of it, I used Paint Tool SAI btw. Anyway, here's the latest sketch:

I'm trying to get down more simple Pokemon and move on to more complex ones later. Right now I've drawn Tepig, Vanillite, Pikachu, Snivy, Dratini, and a few others. I actually appreciate any and all advice I can get on improving, I just need to work on getting the coloring right and making the line art more straight and concise once I've got the sketch down. XP

In other news, it's a fairly mellow Saturday for me. The lean diet has gone pretty good surprisingly, I've actually dropped fifteen pounds of straight body fat, so went down to 204 so far.

That headcanon/expansion fic. I wrote on Iris managed to win Best Story and Best Expansion fic. for the Bulbagarden Winter Awards so that was a nice little Friday surprise. The awards are a get tool to get more recognition for stories.Plus the banner are nice looking Considering I think my story is something the majority of people wouldn't find too engrossing due to the fact it's Gameverse, not-shipping, lengthy chapters, erratic update schedule, I'm actually surprised with the feedback I've gotten from it on Bulba, Serebii, Tumblr,, etc. Looking back, I actually think in-terms of how it's written, the first chapter does come off as mediocre in dialogue and description.

For the first time in ever, I finally played around with the HTML for my tumblr page and cleaned it up a bit. On Tumblr I'm if anyone cares.

Meh, I don't have much going on. :P Back to drawing, if anyone here is also a Digital Artist who uses SAI, I would appreciate some help with getting things more figured out and correct. Specifically when it comes to shading since I've watched a few tutorials but no cigar overall.

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  1. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    That sketch is really good IMO, Pidove is such a cute bird Pokemon
  2. Bubble Frog's Avatar
    @Ninfia; Thank you, I actually think it has the most interesting design of all the early route birds. The whole heart motif in-particular makes it stand-out in a way. Plus it has such a simple design that that makes it a bit an easier Pokemon to draw for beginners.
  3. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    Yeah, I like the heart shape. Have a hard time deciding whether it or Starly is cuter, I generally prefer Staraptor to Unfezant,though Male Unfezant is pretty cool.
  4. Oswin's Avatar
    Cool picture! And congrats on the weight loss!
  5. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    That's good you're just being modest so people don't get mad at you. Been there.


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