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"'Friend'...His Name is N!"

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by , 2nd January 2013 at 11:22 PM (1926 Views)
So, looks like N and Satoshi, Iris, and Dento all meet. I really like how the title is a reference to his game self saying "Friend" in a specific way. Amazing music during the intro scene, nice training and TR aren't too bad.

This is what I posted in thread:
Quote Originally Posted by Gotpika View Post
A boat with a battlefield? That's new, regardless it's good to see them so energetic and comedic about getting ready to put in some training with what seems to be Tsutarja and Kibago. So Dento doesn't believe in the "voices" of Pokemon? Typical but somewhat expected out of a Science Sommelier. N and Satoshi's conflicting approaches toward Pokemon will be a sight. Good to see Yuichi Nakamura is hinting at N's development, since we haven't seen any non-BW trio members and many rivals get development either. N's voice is perfectly fine, I never had an ideal VA in mind but he sounds good to me. N petting Pikacu is so cute as well as how he talks about Pikachu's voice. That violin-sounding music around 3:50 is new to me, it's really soothing and serene and fits an introduction scene like N's. He went through so much crap in the game and he's a very broken character despite having many exceptional things about himself.(Prodigy, Massive IQ, Can understand Pokemon, etc.) Oh, Satoshi your talk about Pikachu and you being at one is amazing. That really reminds me why I like that guy so much. Team Rocket seem okay so far also.
I also love the natural VS. technology thing with Iris and Dento's interactions with N.

Really interested in how they'll weigh in on things. :3

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