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Sweet Veil

Is it....IN THE CARDS?

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So, I'm, not-so-surprisingly, in a contest to sell cards Fundraiser Spirit Cards for my football team. It's a time of the years where each respective player is given fifteen of these plastic cards to sell and they cost 10$ a piece. The things purpose? It lowers the price of foods at various restaurants(McDonalds, Dominos, Hooters, etc.) and gives you deals for certain stuff, says it on the back, and has a fancy schedule for our games and their dates, times, and locations on the front along with the mascot insignia on there.'s the twist. The coaches will be doing a "team competition" thing this year, in which each respective coach picks out a certain amount of players and which ever teams sells the most will be given a free trip to Buffalo Wild Wings and selling 10 cards in general will give you a free card.

So, a great way to squander some free time? Walking around through various neighborhoods and selling these little rectangles. I'm positive the coach that picked me for his team pity picked me as I was one of the last of around 14 or 13 people left who hadn't been assigned a team. So, I'll be doing that I guess, hopefully I'll try to get all 15 sold by Monday. It would be a great way to show I can be reliable when I have to. Though I've already fucked up and sold a card for 15 dollars instead of 10 by accident, whoops. I'll get that fixed Monday and return 5 bucks to the teacher I sold it to, of course said five dollars will hopefully be coming outta by pocket since having the teacher write a new check and getting the one back from the coach might be too much and the low chance of getting scolded wouldn't be fun.

Nothing like using the usefulness of American adolescence to further the growth of our school.

Any who, fast week went by fast. Though I'm surprisingly a tad more on the quiet side at the moment because I've been reading a lot of fanfiction via 3DS, so yeah. That's fun. :P

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  1. Sunburn's Avatar
    Sounds like the cards I sold when I was in high school for band. They have a bunch of discounts on them, but whenever you try to use them someplace, the employees try to take them from you like it's a 1-time deal -____-

    Good luck with the sales :)
  2. Gama's Avatar
    Believe in the heart of the cards.
  3. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    So high school foot ball players are forced to sell hooters coupons. See stuff like this is why everyone is snooty bout charter schools!


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