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Form Goldy herself.

What I got

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My Mom:

  • Purple Black Jacket and Pants set

  • A white Hello Kitty robe. <3

  • Epic Mickey~

  • Micheal Jackson: The Experience. Surprise gift, but I don't mind since I like Micheal. Its gonna be hard playing since he's *SPOILERS!* dead, but it's gonna be a family only thing, so I'm not playing it alone.

My Dad

Nothing yet since I usually get my gift form him after Christmas. I guess I'll finally get Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn form him. Or something else.

My Sister:

NOTHING, which I'm so happy for. She was bugging all month about she'll buy Sonic Colors for me, and I tell her for the 10th million time(for real) I don't like Sonic. She really need the money to raise her twins. Also if you comment telling me I should like Sonic I'll hate you.

EDIT: How the hell does this have 2 comments but 0 views?

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    rape is bad.
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    yes sir


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