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Form Goldy herself.

Pretty much you don't want to read. Also laugh at this.

  1. Hot Topic has some sweet pokemon and sailor moon stuff!

  2. I'm home with gifts!

    Haven't been on /b/ulbagarden for a while because the only comupter that I had access to was my dad's laptop. and the forums SUCKS on it. well, every page that isn't a social networking website takes a billion years to load for some reason. so I really could only use tumblr and twitter on it.

    And now my dad's laptop is in the shop since it no longer works for some reason. its not my fault DUH!!

    Also Firefox still doesn't work. man what a butthead.

    Oh ...
  3. Firefox doesn't work so now I have to use safari

    It doesn't open yet, but somehow it crashes.

    LOL "Copy Image Adress" it's copy image location safari you dumbass.
    Thankfully this isn't my first time using safari so I remember -some- things.
    Hopefully this isn't permanent.

    P.S. Week 14, so have Dawn's and Shadow the hedgehog(yes)'s lovechild.
  4. ed is yellow therefore he is chinese

  5. oh yeah its tuesday

    week 13

    I'm not in the mood looking for funny stuff so have a super kawaii sailor luna
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