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Form Goldy herself

Pretty much stuff you don't want to read.

  1. can you like visitor messages?

    by , 24th January 2012 at 09:10 PM (Form Goldy herself.)
    If you can't that'll be somewhat good if you could.

    Form Goldy herself
  2. Oh god oh man oh god oh man oh god

    by , 11th January 2011 at 08:17 PM (Form Goldy herself.)
    So I'm coming from school today. And I'm pretty hungry, since I don't eat the excuse of school lunch at school.
    So I decide to eat some PopTarts for the heck of it. So I get the strawberry flavor.

    I decide to eat the first one cold.
    'cause poptarts tastes better cold and shit. I like it, and decide to make the other one hot. And since our toaster haven't worked for a while, I pop the other one in the microwave. I just put it on a minute and a half.
    So 1.5 minutes
    Form Goldy herself
  3. Which pokemon are you? Quiz

    by , 20th December 2010 at 05:51 PM (Form Goldy herself.)
    Took this crappy quiz at this site.

    I'll copy and paste it here like all the cool kids do.

    Bold'd is my choice.

    1. If you were cornered by someone wanting to hurt you, what would you do?

    Try to tell them that fighting is bad.
    Give them the evil eyes.
    Fight back, but try not to seriously hurt them.
    Do the cha-cha.
    Go to sleep.
    Do your best even though you know you`ll lose.
    Form Goldy herself