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Dear Diary,


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I wish I knew another language. Studying French for 4 years in High School has done nothing.

Am I doing something wrong? My teacher told me to watch the French Channel. That channel has to be the most boring channel I have ever watched. It only shows boring documentaries, movies and news, I just fall asleep watching it because I can't understand shit.
I put my 3DS into French so I will be forced to translate everything. It was working until I played Ocarina of Time in French. Couldn't understand anything. The bosses had some cool names though.

Some people are fluent in 5 languages and I can't even learn one.

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  1. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    Just try harder.
  2. Synthesis's Avatar
    Well, my French is fairly good, but if you're up for it try look at some French videos on YouTube. I started doing it recently and it's at least stopped me from being rusty over the summer, and there's a fairly large French Pokemon community on YT