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Dear Diary,

A great sacrifice

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by , 12th July 2012 at 09:50 AM (209 Views)
I have to get Black 2 and I have White.

I already told my friend I was getting White 2, but the bastard (who also got White) says he wants to see Fire Kyurem. All the reasons I gave him to get Black 2 were ignored. He doesn't even care about shit like Memory Link and that shit. Just Fire Kyurem.

Now I have to get Black 2 because if we both get White 2, we will encounter many problems like not being able to get Regigigas and Challenge Mode.
Compromising with idiots goes against everything I believe in, but I have to make this sacrifice for Pokemon.

Does Memory Link work between White and Black 2 or Black and White 2?

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    Just get White 2 anyway. There are plenty of people on here that you can trade with.