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Dear Diary,


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by , 11th July 2012 at 09:08 PM (395 Views)

We gotta give this person an old fashioned BMGf beatdown.

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  1. Bishie Karis-chan's Avatar
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    BMGf used Beat Up, it's super effective?
  2. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
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    Who's behind all this mess?
  3. Steelrush's Avatar
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    Ignore it, this person is probably a troll. And you and I know what trolls crave the most.
  4. Serenity's Avatar
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    ^ Porn?
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  5. Ebail's Avatar
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    Good old fashion beatdown? I'll grab the pitchforks for all!
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  6. Satoshi-kun's Avatar
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    I say, who peed in this kid's cornflakes?

    The thing that we must do to that person is this:

    1. Find Justin Bieber.
    2. Find the person who made that poor picture.
    3. Upgrade their computer from one that can only run Windows 3.1 to one that's running Windows 7.
    4. Lock the person who made that crappy picture in the same room with Justin Bieber.
    5. Wait an hour.
    6. After an hour, open the door and laugh as you see the both of them singing whatever the hell it is that Justin Bieber sings, because the person who constructed that Windows 3.1-esque picture is most likely a huge fan.
  7. an illegible mess.'s Avatar
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    looool omfg.

    this person must be really fucked in the head to think this.
  8. Karma Kidd's Avatar
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    Failed trolling.

    Who says you didn't make this?

    (Seriously am I the only guy smart enough to realize he could of made this in Paint in five minutes?)

    Isn't that right @Ferbgor; ?