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  1. Turtwig?

    I wish I knew why Turtwig looks so cute and charming. As you can see from my user name and avatar, as well as the profile's style, it's practically my favourite Pokemon. Not to mention signature unevolved Pokemon.

    Maybe it's because of the general roundness and the happy looking face. Maybe it's that nice shade of green mixed with a dash of yellow. Or perhaps, the sprouting plant on the top of its head? It's cry?

    It even made it into the in-game signature of my games ...
  2. So, I have this weird dream...

    I was playing HeartGold as usual. I was walking from Celadon City to saffron City to attend a rematch, and then suddenly the battle transistion starts.

    Except this one is... different. It kind of looks like the screen is warping in and the edges of the screen are blurred out.

    And then the screen flashed white. Then the white fades out...

    I froze in surprise. What is that Pokemon doing here on a road... Wait, what, V-V-Victini? I was very confused about this. ...
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  3. My desktop computer is now up and running!

    Well, guess what? My dad brought home a brand new hard disk drive! Looks like the replacement reached my dad during office time.

    I immediately replaced my broken hard disk with the new one, reinstalled Windows Vista, and transferred my old stuff into it. It's working like new! (Then again, the hard disk IS new...)

    Anyway, since my desktop is now fixed, the laptop now belongs to my dad. After all, he needs to use it too for work.

    Updated 3rd August 2010 at 08:21 AM by Noivern

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  4. I'm thinking of setting up a shop in the BMGf!

    I'll probably be setting up a shop in the near future. My Boxes are currently stuffed up with a lot of different Pokemon, including foreigh Pokemon, legendary Pokemon and event Pokemon, so I figured that maybe I can give them away, and offer various services such as IV/EV checking, Pokemon cloning and others. I also have a lot of different items in my Bag. (e.g. spare TMs, Master Balls, evolution-inducing held items)

    I will probably need some help in managing the shop, though. My time ...

    Updated 3rd August 2010 at 08:20 AM by Noivern

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  5. Looks like my computer hard disk broke down...

    Looks like the breakdown is already slowly happening when I noticed that my hard disk liked to randomly throw a fit during the last two months. Turns out that the hard disk is dying - the amount of bad sectors just went up through the roof since the last disk check, as well as general corruption of data.

    Good thing I already backed up all my stuff and transferred it into my laptop. Guess I'll have to make do with this laptop until a replacement comes along - it better come fast! ...

    Updated 3rd August 2010 at 08:19 AM by Noivern

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