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  1. Oh no, at this rate, my PC Boxes are going to be filled up!

    Since I opened my Shop, my PC Boxes are filling up at an alarming rate. I had to rearrange my PC Boxes again, and since I have to clone Pokemon too, a lot of my boxes are filled up with Pokemon. I'm betting that I have less than 50 spaces left!

    Yes, I have SoulSilver, but at the moment it can't be used - I need to transfer clones first from HG!

    Whew, done transferring clones to Jodi for trade usage... looks like I'll be using SS to clone stuff for a while.

    Updated 10th August 2010 at 09:42 AM by Noivern

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  2. Speakers. 2.1, in fact. Now, how should I position them?

    My desk space is cramped. What do you think is the best?
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  3. I finally got my Shop up and running!

    All necessary preparations done!
    My Shop Thread, named "Turtwig Lover's Shop of Actually Loving All" is located here.

    This is actually my first time handling such a thing... I'm not sure if this will go smoothly, but I'll put all my effort on it! Please leave all comments here, not at the main thread. Thanks for listening!

    The Pokemon Available list is bound to grown sooner or later.
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  4. Speaking of broken stuff... Part 2

    This is actually a continuation of the last blog post.

    -My mum's car occasionally refuses to start. Usually ends up requiring my dad to help starting up the car.

    -I had a few lights blow out right when I turn on the power.

    -In my school, there are some computers with programs installed incorrectly and won't start, much to the annoyance of teachers and student alike.

    -I had a CD-RW corrupt on me.

    -My mouse cursor sometimes goes ...

    Updated 7th August 2010 at 04:53 AM by Noivern

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  5. Speaking of broken stuff...

    -I had my old speakers explode at front of me. Luckily no one was injured or caused a fire. Too bad the speakers needed replacement.

    -My DS Lite top screen won't show anything but black if not in a certain angle. The display cable must have been loose or something. The D-Pad also dosen't work properly, and the touch screen sometimes registers the wrong place.

    -One of my CRT monitors just plain won't work in 1024x768 when it's supposed to.

    -My printer likes ...
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