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  1. Steam Summer Sale?

    Good news: I bought Portal 2 after forever.

    Bad news: I had to nuke Civilization V on my disk.

    SSDs are hard, huh?
  2. Google Chrome?

    Convince me to switch back to it. Have you what it takes to do so? There's a long story, but I'll let this run for a while.
  3. I thought Bulbagarden Forums isn't Facebook.

    After the update, the first thing after checking out the announcement was to head to my profile.

    Oh my god.

    The "My Activity" tab is now the default, and now I have too much information in my hands.

    It's getting uncomfortably like Facebook at this point... >.<
    Bulbagarden Stuff , Misc
  4. Dropbox account: deleted.

    Might as well, considering that if I were not to delete it, I'd have three cloud storage services running.

    Dropbox, SkyDrive, and SugarSync.

    I'm throwing Dropbox out because it's redundant at this point. SkyDrive is used for everything that I have to have access to anywhere, even from my phone, while SugarSync is more for university work.

    So long.
    Misc , Tech
  5. According to my address, I live in House 493.

    This can only be a normal thing.
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