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Daily Life

Stuff happens in life. Sometimes I'll make a blog post about it.

  1. Unexpected places, no?

    by , 15th March 2012 at 05:38 AM (Fruity, Batty Dragons)
    My phone wasn't playing any music when I took it out this evening.

    The music player seems to be either not running or suspended.

    Usually when I plug in headphones, nothing happens - I need to run the music player manually.


    Well, as soon as I plugged in the headphones, I got rickrolled by my phone. It's everywhere.
    Daily Life , Misc
  2. You know it's not your best day when...

    by , 23rd February 2012 at 06:15 AM (Fruity, Batty Dragons)
    You just faint without warning. In the washroom.

    That happened late last night. While I was doing my business in the washroom, well, I fainted. You know how that felt... I think I hit the door while fainting. When you faint, well, time sorta just skips until you wake up. Thankfully it's made of soft plastic, so nothing bad happened. :| Did some checks with the hospital and I should be fine.

    I think I might want to stop overworking.
    Daily Life
  3. The work PC is rather wonky

    by , 11th January 2012 at 07:18 AM (Fruity, Batty Dragons)
    I guess the images say it all. Good thing it happened during lunch break, or, well, it'd be horrible. It took the system along with it, and I had to reset the whole PC. Besides, the scanner loves to jam when using the automatic document feeder. Guess this is what happens when the scanner is already end-of-life and the operating system pretty soon after...

    HelpCtr.exe spam! There's a whole lotta of them.
    Daily Life , Tech
  4. I guess it's time for Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, eh?

    by , 24th December 2011 at 10:47 AM (Fruity, Batty Dragons)
    So I'll say it out loud: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! By the way, have you visited your relatives, put down what you're doing now, and have quality time with your family?

    Speaking of which, we now have barely a week before the year ends... 2011 had been a roller-coaster ride when it came to world events. It's pretty much something that's really unpredictable... But still... I still have my friends here...

    Whatever it is, I'm sure that I'll be sticking around ...
  5. Reflections.

    by , 19th December 2011 at 10:39 AM (Fruity, Batty Dragons)
    Have I been a good member of the forums? Have I done anything substantial to the forums? Have I been nice and caring to other people? Have I been making sense? It's just a lot of things... they are all coming to me right now. I think things are going to get better sooner or later. What do you think about... me now? Be honest.
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