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  1. Dropbox account: deleted.

    Might as well, considering that if I were not to delete it, I'd have three cloud storage services running.

    Dropbox, SkyDrive, and SugarSync.

    I'm throwing Dropbox out because it's redundant at this point. SkyDrive is used for everything that I have to have access to anywhere, even from my phone, while SugarSync is more for university work.

    So long.
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  2. I'm a WP

    This is what happens when the Samsung Galaxy S III went out of stock while I was signing up for a contract.

    Well, it's miles better than my old phone, that's for sure.
  3. The Papyrus font is now gone in Windows 8

    Good riddance? That font sure looked out of place, then again. I do think that anything using that font will look screwed up on computers running Windows 8 or later...

    Also, one neat things I have noticed is that Comic Sans MS now has true italics, and not merely slanted letterforms. It's especially noticeable with its lowercase t's.
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  4. What does Google think you're interested in?


    Might want to take a look at this. (Note: Google ads do track you.)

    Let's see... for me, it'd be

    Arts & Entertainment - Music & Audio - Pop Music
    Arts & Entertainment - Music & Audio - Rock Music
    Computers & Electronics - Consumer Electronics - Game Systems & Consoles - Nintendo
    Computers & Electronics - Software - Multimedia Software - Desktop Publishing - Fonts ...
  5. Opera 12 beta?

    Go get it now and enjoy!

    Opera web browser | Opera Next

    *posted from Opera 12 beta*

    I feel really at home with this browser, come to think about it. ;P I think it must be the way fonts are rendered, more in line with Internet Explorer 9 than GDI-based stuff, after I enable hardware acceleration. Maybe it's also because it's the browser of choice when it comes to phone browsers.

    Anyway, I think I'm liking what I'm seeing.
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