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  1. Three years later, and a Twiggy in sight

    It seems like I have been around for three years as of today.

    This is... I think I have a very strange feeling, seeing as I'm coming back to Bulbagarden Forums after a hiatus of sorts in the last year. My activity basically petered out like a dying tailwind. You hardly hear anything from me then.

    Thinking back to the first day I'm on Bulbagarden as an actual member... It's kind of amazing how far we're gone when it comes to everyone I've met. I still kind of miss the ...
  2. Didn't expect me up here? You weren't dreaming.

    It's been a while. In fact, it's been a very long time since the last update to my personal blog, of sorts, on Bulbagarden Forums proper. It's like... I have taken away something from this place. It's like something is missing.

    Do you think I should start blogging again right here? I think it might be something that could work out for all of us here. Can't exactly let this sit there and do nothing. I'm thinking of various uses here that might be cool enough.
  3. TwigZone's a-go now!

    TwigZone's moved to a better place, and so does this blog.

    The blog's going to be left as is, as an archive, but no more.
  4. Maybe I should get a real blog provider

    Since I'll probably doing my blogging from Word 2013 from now on (that's right), well...

    WordPress Web address: WordPress.com — Get a Free Blog Here

    Blogger Web address: http://www.blogger.com

    TypePad Web address: Typepad. Share your passions with the world. | Typepad

    Well, which one would work well for me? I think I'll also do my own research while you guys pour in the comments.
  5. Earlier this week, I wiped Windows off my Mac...

    ...and when I tried to reinstall Windows, I noticed that I don't have any blank DVDs or USB sticks around, seeing as I'm living in my uncle's home for the week.

    This was the time when I started to learn OS X deeply.

    I've begun to actually love it.

    Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
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